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Employees Can Now Get Need-to-Know HR Info at Their Fingertips with ADP® on Workplace by Facebook

By Craig Cohen, General Manager of ADP Marketplace

Intuitive, integrated access to pay and time-off information on the platform they use every day

Ask yourself – how many portals and platforms do your employees access in a given workday?

Likely, too many to count.

Flipping from screen to screen, browser to browser, or tool to tool is time-consuming and frustrating, especially when you need a simple piece of information, fast. For many workers, it can feel like keeping spinning plates in the air – a juggling act that gets in the way of productivity.

At ADP®, we are constantly looking for innovative ways to improve productivity. That’s why we are excited to integrate our first-ever ADP Virtual Assistant with Facebook’s enterprise solution, Workplace by Facebook. Workplace just announced the integration at Facebook’s F8 Conference today. Now, companies using both ADP for HR and payroll solutions, and Workplace for employee collaboration, can provide seamless access to pay and time off information, within the tool employees use every day.

Once organizations make the ADP Virtual Assistant available to their people through Workplace by Facebook, employees can choose to install the assistant within their Workplace app. In the “Chat” area of Workplace, the ADP Virtual Assistant makes accessing their HR-related information as easy as talking with a friend through:

Delivering Pay Information

By interacting with the virtual assistant, users can quickly get a summary of their latest pay statement and understand the breakdown of pay deductions, including taxes, benefits, and retirement savings. It also allows users to dig even deeper into these categories, down to the level of federal, state, Medicare and Social Security taxes as well as medical, dental, and other insurance premiums. And, for the visual learner, all of this information is available in interactive graphs.

Managing Work-Life Balance

Users get instant access to time off balances and hours available by category and understand how many hours they’ve earned, versus the hours they’ve used.

Providing Access On-the-Go

Today, employees not only want to be able to access workplace tools and information from anywhere, they also demand it. Through this integration, users can retrieve their latest pay statements and time off balances from any device that supports Workplace by Facebook and schedule push notifications alerting them to when they’ve been paid.

Employers can start using this integrated application right away. It is now available on the ADP Marketplace and in the Workplace by Facebook directory, offering workers around the world yet another access point to their own HR-related information in a way that is tailored to their individual needs. It also adds to ADP’s toolbox for employees, which includes our online portals, as well as the ADP Mobile Solution App, used by more than 15 million people today.

Learn more about how you can foster a more productive workforce by bringing together your organization’s ADP solutions with Workplace by Facebook here.

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