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Transitioning: A Shared Journey of Love

Here at ADP, we believe we can enhance hiring and retaining the top talent available to us by promoting a welcoming, affirming and inclusive culture at all levels of the company. Enjoy this inspirational story from one of our employees: By Carol Ann Murphy* “Mom, I’m really a boy.” Those were the words that my “daughter” greeted me with when “she” came home for spring break during “her” freshman year in college in 2013. At first I was stunned. Disbelief. Fear. Sadness. Grief. All these emotions hit me as the tears started to flow – running down both of our cheeks. “But who will love you?” That was my first question after the realization that my child was never a girl and I finally had an explanation for so many things that baffled me while “she” was growing up. Why “she” sobbed every time I told her she had to wear a dress to some family event or on a holiday. Why “she” never opened the dress-up trunk that...

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Which Way Is Up? Ask Compass – Volume 3

By Jordan Birnbaum, ADP Chief Behavioral Economist, Talent Activation Volume 3 in a series of new insights from Compass Welcome back to the third installment of Which Way Is Up? Ask Compass, in which we examine the leadership and collaboration behaviors that are measured and coached by the product. Before diving in, this week we’re going to consider the accuracy of feedback provided by assessments in general, and consider the implications. When we receive feedback, it’s not only about us. It’s also about the person providing it. In fact, research indicates that roughly 50% of the feedback we receive is actually about the person providing the feedback, and not about us. This is referred to as the idiosyncratic rater effect. Let’s consider an example. I, as a leader, could demonstrate identical behavior around recognition to all my employees. And yet Employee #1 could give me high scores for recognition, while Employee #2 could give me low scores for recognition. How is this possible? In this case, Employee #1 may...

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For Employers in Puerto Rico Impacted by Last Year’s Catastrophic Hurricanes: You May Now Be Eligible to Claim a Special Tax Credit

Almost a year after Hurricanes Irma and Maria devastated Puerto Rico, an unincorporated territory of the United States, the island continues to face significant recovery challenges. However, as the government works to fully restore the electric grid, roads, and other infrastructure, more help is on the way for employers in Puerto Rico starting in early June – in the form of an Employee Retention Credit (ERC) that will be paid out as a direct-cash grant. Unfortunately, receiving the Puerto Rico ERC isn’t automatic. To claim the ERC, employers must meet certain requirements, provide a substantial amount of complex documentation, accurately calculate the amount for which you are eligible, and correctly apply for the ERC online. Navigating this process takes time and expertise that many employers may not have – but how many businesses can afford to leave money on the table? First, Some Background After successive hurricanes hit Texas, Florida, Georgia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, the U.S. Congress acted quickly to provide tax relief for impacted...

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Workplace Compliance Spotlight: How to Keep Your Workplace Data Digitally and Physically Secure

It’s a digital world. And that connectivity presents boundless opportunities. But it also means increasingly complex threats. Identity fraud alone affected 16.7 million U.S. consumers in 2017* With those numbers, it’s understandable that many organizations are continuing to put an increased focus on information security, but additionally, workforce security — a comprehensive approach to building a secure physical environment — is also still a necessity. Having plans in place to educate your workforce and when necessary, respond to either a digital or physical security problem is critical to help keep your business secure and moving ahead. Join us on June 14th with other business owners, HR leaders and finance executives like yourself for the next installment in our Workplace Compliance Spotlight webcast series and get critical insights and best practices on keeping your organization digitally and physically secure, such as: What security and privacy policies should you have in place to protect your organization’s data? What are the types of employee training your organization should be performing? What does...

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Recognized Tech Leaders are Partnering with ADP® to Leverage the World’s Leading HCM Data Base

At ADP® our business is about enabling a more productive workforce – now and in the future – and core to that is technology. In order to be a leading HR solutions provider, we also had to be a leading enabler of the technology ecosystem surrounding us. A few years ago, we sought to become the platform for third-party developers who want in on the human capital management (HCM) market by launching our app store called ADP Marketplace. The cloud-based platform was the first of its kind to create an environment where developers and clients can access HCM-related open application programming interfaces (APIs) to integrate various employer- and employee-based solutions. For our third-party partners, they can integrate into, and build onto, our systems, giving them access to our world leading HCM data base and the tremendous insights it provides on how the world of work is evolving and what companies need from a technology perspective to effectively meet those shifts. Today, more than 250 partners have joined us on...

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Which Way Is Up? Ask Compass – Volume 2

By Jordan Birnbaum, ADP Chief Behavioral Economist, Talent Activation Volume 2 in a series of new insights from Compass Welcome back to the second installment of Which Way Is Up? Ask Compass, in which we examine the behaviors that are measured and coached by the product. But before we begin, let’s consider an open secret about assessments and surveys of all types. When we hear about a survey, most of us think about the information that is being collected. This makes it easy to overlook something else that is happening – that very important information is also being communicated. When we measure whether an employee feels sufficiently recognized at our organization, we are also communicating that sufficient recognition matters in this organization. The act of measuring a thing also validates the importance of that thing. So, when running Compass, an organization is not only supporting the exchange of valuable feedback between people. It is also setting a shared understanding of that which matters most for leadership and collaboration within...

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Celebrate Pride Month with Better Tools to Drive Diversity and Inclusion

By Linda Mougalian, Division Vice President, Product Marketing and Strategy Amid the tightening labor market, having a diverse and inclusive workplace isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s a business imperative. To attract and retain talent, companies need to provide comfortable, supportive, and inspiring environments where people of different ethnicities, genders and sexual orientations can thrive. Employee engagement happens when workers can be their authentic selves, build upon their strengths, and know that their employers and coworkers are invested in their career development. This is particularly relevant during Pride Month which celebrates the social and political progress made by the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer (LGBTQ) community. Still, the unfortunate reality is that many LGBTQ associates still don’t feel comfortable in the workplace. According to the 2017 Workplace Equality Fact Sheet by Out & Equal Workplace Advocates, one in four LGBT employees reported experiencing workplace discrimination in the previous five years. The unemployment rate of transgender Americans is three times higher than the national average, and more...

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ADP Integration with Slack Puts HR and Payroll Information Right Where Employees are Working

The way work gets done has changed dramatically over the past few years and that change promises to accelerate even faster as we look ahead. This means companies’ abilities to meet the needs of employees is increasingly challenging. Organizations are faced with a diverse talent pool, which now spans five generations and is expanding across geographic borders. At the same time, the rapid pace of technology development is having spillover effects into the workforce. This is transforming how teams are structured and how work is getting done. At ADP®, we believe it’s time technology enabled the changing ways we work rather than asking the workforce to adapt to technology. Technology should transcend barriers, not create new ones. One way we are accomplishing this is through reimagining how users experience our solutions. We are focusing on shifting technology to chat-based applications and platforms that employees are already on and find simple and natural to use. A great example of this is the partnership we are announcing today with Slack to...

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Fast-growing NYC Firm Looks to Chart its Future

New York City-based CANY is a tale of two companies. But when it comes to its family-oriented, close-knit workplace culture, it’s strictly single-minded. Divided into separate entities – CANY Architecture +Engineering DPC and CANY Technical Services LLC – CANY provides a full suite of building enclosure services to a range of clients. The firm primarily focuses on historical restoration and maintaining the style of an existing building. In addition, CANY also oversees new construction, to help ensure building is up to code and safe. Jennifer Pucci, Director of Human Resources at CANY, says the firm’s recent success spike has been a challenge, as CANY has swiftly moved from 20 employees to around 60 today – with plans to expand to 125-plus within the next 4-5 years. CANY implemented ADP Workforce Now®, a cloudbased HR platform for payroll, time, benefits and more at the start of 2018. After talking to her ADP sales representative, Pucci learned about an OrgChart Now promotion, available on ADP Marketplace, to provide her with the...

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ADP SmartCompliance Recognized as a Leader in Helping Companies Navigate an Increasingly Complex Business Landscape by the 2018 American Business Awards

From broader geographic borders, to new technology and evolving operating models, doing business in today’s world is becoming increasingly complex for organizations.  At the forefront of these shifts are HR professionals, who are tasked with helping their companies navigate changes, while at the same time remaining compliant. ADP SmartCompliance® is empowering the HR function to drive organizational change that adheres to rules and regulations, which is why the 2018 American Business Awards® just recognized its powerful combination of innovative, time saving technology and dedicated services.   No matter how big or small an organization is, the compliance solution is customizable to users’ needs and easily scaled for where companies are today and in the future. ADP SmartCompliance has been recognized by the American Business Awards, or “The Stevies,” in seven categories: Gold Stevie Winner: ADP SmartCompliance Employment Tax Module was recognized in the New Product or Service of the Year category for Other Software. Silver Stevie Winner: ADP SmartCompliance was highlighted in the New Product or Service of the Year category for Cloud Application/Service...

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