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Global Protection 24/7

At ADP, we have a place that not many people know about, and even fewer have been inside. It’s behind the scenes, with restricted access and it’s on the cutting edge. ADP’s Critical Incident Response Centers (CIRC) are one of our secret weapons in stemming the global impact of cybercrime to help protect our systems, client data and funds What is the CIRC? It’s a place where fraudulent efforts to gain access to ADP systems are exposed and proactive alerts help us to stay one step ahead. Monitors replace the wallpaper on our walls so we can watch the action as it happens. It’s crucial to ADP’s security program, and supports ADP’s cyber defense operations, security monitoring and financial crimes investigations. It constantly monitors for security trends, threats and attacks from all over the globe. It even utilizes social media feeds to stay on top of the latest developments. It’s staffed by highly skilled security practitioners with a laser beam focus on detection and prevention, and a passion for...

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Bring it On! It Takes More Than a Gas Leak to Prevent HR Leaders From Exploring the Future of Work

By Erin Siemens, Division Vice President and General Manager, National Account Services Human Resources (HR) leaders are a tough bunch. You wouldn’t think it to look at us, but it takes a lot to keep us from learning more about our discipline and the trends impacting the workforces we support. That’s why it was especially gratifying to participate as a panelist during the FT-ADP® Evolution of Work Forum conducted recently in Chicago. Despite a news-breaking gas leak in downtown Chicago that day, which shut down trains and delayed car traffic, a tenacious and fortunate bunch of us gathered for an intimate discussion over dinner about how businesses must evolve to attract and retain top talent, while managing performance, productivity and security. Keynote speaker Alexandra Levit ignited the evening’s conversation with her presentation about what she calls the three C’s of future work: Collaboration, customization and creativity. Levit has impressive credentials and has conducted proprietary research on the future of work, the Millennial generation, gender differences and bias, and the...

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U.S. Labor Market Continues to Improve but with Less Buoyancy

Ahu Yildirmaz, Ph.D. Vice President, ADP Research Institute

We have just released the latest ADP Workforce Vitality Report, and it indicates that the labor market maintained its trend of growth in wages in the second quarter of 2016. The U.S. labor market continued to improve in the second quarter of 2016, but is less buoyant than it was at the end of 2015. Gains in the second quarter were driven by growth in hours worked and employment. Tracking the same set of full-time workers gives us a truer picture of wage growth among those who are consistently employed. Full-time job switchers fared better than job holders. Their wage growth rate slowed slightly, whereas holders’ growth rate slowed by more than a percentage point from the previous quarter on a yearly basis. Wage growth on a year-ago basis was moderate largely because of an unfavorable year-ago comparison. The positive trend in wage growth over the past few quarters suggests that wages may finally reflect the tightening labor market. Employers are continuing to provide raises to their workers for...

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SHRM: A Tale of Two Cities Where Big Data Meets HR Meat and Potatoes

Don Weinstein, Senior Vice President, Product Management

Reflecting on my experiences at the most recent SHRM® Annual Conference and Exposition reminds me of the classic novel “A Tale of Two Cities.” On the one hand, today’s HR leaders are immersed in a technological revolution consisting of disruptive and innovative new solutions. On the other hand, those same leaders are managing through an unprecedented wave of compliance challenges. More than 15,000 attendees were encouraged to “Find Your BreaktHRough Moment” in Washington, D.C., by gaining insights from sessions on topics, such as analytics and benchmarking, talent management, benefit services, mobile solutions, time and labor management, multinational solutions, tax and compliance, and pay card solutions. Of those, more than 2,400 visited the ADP booth where we conducted more than 300 solution demos. It’s always fascinating to observe the rate and pace of change in the HR industry and its appetite for adopting new technology. But while clients are striving for innovation, the Affordable Care Act, the Fair Labor Standards Act, and other related compliance challenges were also top of...

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ADP Awards 2016 Henry Taub Scholars

Rita Mitjans, Chief Diversity & Corporate Social Responsibility Officer

The ADP Foundation recently announced its list of 2016 Henry Taub Scholarship recipients. Henry Taub Scholarships recognize and reward incoming first-year college students who have demonstrated academic excellence as well as a commitment to improving their communities. This program was established five years ago to honor ADP’s founder, Henry Taub, and to support his belief in the invaluable benefits of higher education. This scholarship is open to children of ADP associates who are pursuing a college education. The 2016 Taub Scholars are: Evan Heller (Budd Lake, N.J.) Shannon Flynn (Oak Ridge, N.J.) Yin Xiao (Toronto, Canada) Alexander Lin (East Brunswick, N.J.) Akshaya Uthayakumar (Milton, Ga.). From the large pool of dedicated and hardworking students, finalists were selected by an independent third party organization based on a variety of criteria, including academic achievements, extracurricular activities, community involvement, leadership roles, as well as an essay. “ADP and the ADP Foundation fully support Henry Taub’s belief in the incredible opportunities that higher education offers,” said Rita Mitjans, Chief Diversity & Corporate Social...

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250 Applicants. One Job. Recruiting Just Got Easier.

Every day recruiters spend hours sifting through hundreds of candidates to find the elusive “perfect fit” – that precious needle in the talent haystack. The job takes tons of time and draws on expertise ranging from compensation to compliance. Well, scouting for talent just got easier, faster, more secure and more accurate now that ADP and LinkedIn® have integrated their recruiting solutions. We see how the rules of talent acquisition have changed for HR leaders. Organizations need more sophisticated and integrated tools to successfully attract the best and brightest. As one of the first companies to become a Preferred Partner of LinkedIn Talent Solutions, ADP has established a comprehensive integration between LinkedIn Talent Solutions and ADP® Recruiting Management. We think this new capability will enable our clients to take advantage of LinkedIn’s current and future offerings, and provide them the flexibility and efficiency they need to be successful today. Specifically, ADP has integrated with LinkedIn’s new middleware platform, which enables the LinkedIn Referrals product and new features in LinkedIn’s...

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Why ADP IS Doing Behavioral Economics

By Jerome Gouvernel, Vice President, ADP Think about the last performance and workplace review cycle you went through. If you’re in HR, you probably spent months preparing for it, developing targeted employee survey questions and strategizing ways to make sure that people actually responded to those questions. If you’re not in HR, you probably walked away from the annual performance review feeling like it made you less productive—you’re not alone, a CEB study found that 66 percent of employees feel the performance review process interferes with their productivity[1]. But regardless of the role you play in your organization, you probably felt you spent too much time asking questions like “where is that dropdown menu where I can input a goal?” and not enough time thinking “so how am I going to improve areas in which I’m struggling?” We don’t (always) need another app. We need more solutions. Most of us have seen it firsthand. Too often, we (or our organizations) buy or build HR technology without considering the real...

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Equality is Good Business

Rita Mitjans, Chief Diversity & Corporate Social Responsibility Officer

Would you believe in today’s day and age that it’s legal to fire employees simply because they are LGBT? That’s unfortunately the case in 28 U.S. states. As a company whose core business is to help our clients unlock the potential of their most critical asset – people – tying diversity to the business makes sense. At ADP, we’ve just wrapped up another celebratory LGBT pride month (June) and are excited to announce we’ve signed on to the Human Rights Campaign coalition of businesses committed to driving passage of the Equality Act proposed to the United States Congress. The Act is U.S. federal legislation that would provide the same basic protections to LGBT people as are provided to other protected groups under federal law. More than 60 of the largest businesses in the U.S. have joined the campaign. The Equality Act creates clear, consistent protections that prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity in employment, ensuring that LGBT employees are hired, fired, and promoted based...

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Making Vacation Less Taboo Among Employees

By Maria Black, President, ADP TotalSource® Once standard among American families, summer vacations no longer appear as an annual event on many calendars. Recent studies show that many employees leave vacation days on the table. For those who do take a break, many feel shame for taking time off. Fifty-five percent of workers surveyed left vacation days unused in 2015, totaling 658 million days, according to a study commissioned by Project: Time Off. Of those, 222 million days could not be rolled over or paid out in any way – which means Americans forfeited $61.4 billion in benefits. What’s holding Americans back from taking the vacation days they’ve earned? Guilt plays a large role. Research from Alamo Rent A Car found that 47 percent of all workers surveyed feel a sense of shame or guilt at their workplace for taking a vacation. This sentiment is even stronger among Millennials at 59 percent. And Millennials aren’t just feeling guilty – they’re dishing it out, too. Forty-two percent also shame their...

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Multinational Corporations Can Give Employees Power Over How They View Their Pay Slips

Horvath headshot 1

We’ve all experienced it: That moment when you stand there scratching your head trying to figure out your pay slip details. Fortunately, that moment is a thing of the past for employees of ADP® multinational clients, who now can see a personalized view of their paycheck through a newly designed and upgraded ADP GlobalView® HCM employee portal –called ADP myView portal. The myView portal now offers a myPay feature that gives payroll and HR administrators and employees more intuitive, engaging and interactive features they can use to configure, explore and understand payroll details. HR executives from our MNC clients tell us that one of the most frequent inquiries they get comes from employees asking about the components of their pay slips. They also point out that each user of enterprise HR portals and digital pay slips has different needs and preferences. By combining a visually compelling user interface with feature-rich, self-service functionality, we’re using innovation to empower users and ease critical workforce management activities for global businesses. In fact,...

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