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Boosting Employee Engagement: Advice from an ADP Expert

A newly published article in features Tara Wolckenhauer, division vice president of enterprise-wide HR functions at ADP. In the article, Wolckenhauer offers her insights to help small business owners spark engagement among employees.

Having worked in human resources for more than two decades, Wolckenhauer knows the importance of an engaged workforce. She shares what employee engagement really means: “Employee engagement, to me, means an all-around commitment by employees to their work, the values of the company and its people. Engaged employees are all in and feel they are part of something bigger. They understand that the job is hard sometimes, but because they love their job and are engaged in the work, they feel connected to the company’s mission, products, and people.”

In fact, according to a study from the ADP Research Institute, the work itself, work hours and flexibility are among the top reasons people stay with a company. Wolchenhauer says that knowing that, managers need to make sure employees have clearly defined goals when it comes to their work, that employees feel supported and know they can turn to their supervisor for coaching and help.

Read the full article to learn more about steps you can take to boost employee engagement among your staff.

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