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More than 10 Million Employees Use ADP® Mobile Solutions App to Stay Engaged with Work

With estimates indicating that in 2020, 1.75 billion, or 42 percent, of the talent around the world will be a mobile and global workforce, it is safe to say we are experiencing a major shift in the way people work.[1] As a result, organizations are faced with competing dynamics in managing their people. On one hand, companies have a larger talent pool from which to hire. Yet on the other,they must work harder than ever before to keep employees engaged.

What we do know is that engaged employees matter – the data shows that businesses with high employee engagement have 21 percent higher productivity.[2] As HR leaders look for ways to increase engagement, it is important to consider this growing mobile and global workforce.

With more than 10 million individual employees using it across 175 countries, ADP Mobile Solutions is a prime example of how mobile apps can help HR leaders engage their associates. For example, by deploying the app, one of our clients, which operates in more than 30 states, gave their employees access to track and print pay statements, Forms W-2, and manage time and attendance. They said that this was the first time they could communicate with their workforce all at once when handling HR matters.

But this organization is ahead of the game – only 20 percent of companies currently deploy their HR and employee productivity solutions on mobile apps.[3] This is an opportunity for HR professionals to directly impact employee productivity and engagement. By arming their employee base with tools that work seamlessly with how they want to work, HR professionals can be the heroes of the new global, mobile workforce.

To read more about the ADP Mobile Solutions app, click here.


[1] StrategyAnalytics, Global Mobile Workforce Forecast, 2015-2020



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