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Women in STEM with Rita Mitjans

Women in STEM with Rita Mitjans

By Heather Bussing – Part 1 in the ADP Women in STEM series How does an organization change? One conversation at a time. Rita Mitjans, ADP Chief Diversity and Corporate Responsibility Officer, believes that lasting change starts with understanding what needs to change and why. It starts at the top, but you need to win the hearts and minds of everyone involved. Trust is essential, and to earn it, you must do your homework so you can build the case for why the change you are proposing will benefit the things they care about. It takes integrity, hard work, and thoughtful conversations with people experiencing the issues to understand what to do. To inspire real change, you need to make the case in many “languages”. Becoming Bilingual Learning to speak the language of the person she’s working with comes naturally to Rita. When she was seven, her family left their home and everything they owned and were welcomed to the United States as political refugees from Cuba. When they...

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