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USA Today – Workers to recruiters: Make me an offer

USA Today – Workers to recruiters: Make me an offer

USA Today published an article highlighting how employers are unaware that more than half of their workforce is open to leaving for another job. The article references key findings of the ADP® Workforce Vitality Report and two new talent whitepapers the ADP Research Institute recently published– “Evolution of Work 2.0: The Me vs. We Mindset” and “Fixing the Talent Management Disconnect: Employer Perception vs. Employee Reality in the U.S. Midsized Market.” “As the labor market tightens, employees have more power,” said Ahu Yildirmaz, co-head of ADP’s research institute. The 4.4% unemployment rate has resulted in a smaller pool of idle workers, forcing firms to bid up to lure employees from other companies. One reason businesses should be nervous: 63% of workers are open to making a switch, according to a separate national survey of 2,156 employees that ADP conducted. Seventeen percent are looking while 46% are receptive to an overture from a recruiter. Employers are a bit too complacent. Those surveyed say 49% of their employees are in the...

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