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HRO Today: Making Teams Work

HRO Today: Making Teams Work

In a new article on HRO Today by Amy Leschke-Kahle, vice president of performance acceleration for The Marcus Buckingham Company®, an ADP® company, she discusses strategies to help managers enable their employees to succeed. Leschke-Kahle says, “At work, a team can mean many things. Organizations can have a team of executives or a team of frontline workers. They can have a hierarchical team, a flatter team, or a dynamic team that brings together contractors and full-time employees from disparate groups or practices depending on the project at hand. Whether it’s in the field of hospitality, technology, or on the shop floor, teams are where work lives. But increasingly, more and more work gets done in groups outside of the organizational chart.” She goes on to explain that there’s no universal blueprint of what makes the perfect team—or even what the average team looks like. But there is an X factor in what makes it successful: the leader. And to further this concept, according to ADP Research Institute®’s study Fixing...

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