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Meet Addi P!

Meet Addi P!

We are excited to introduce Addison Peoples. Her friends call her Addi P. Addi P will be joining ADP’s team of writers on our blogs SPARK, BOOST, and THRIVE to answer questions, provide insight, and keep you informed about what matters to business, HR, and humans at work. We sat down with Addi to learn more about her and what she’s up to. Here’s a transcript of our conversation. Connect@ADP: Hi Addi! We are so happy you’re here. Tell us a little about yourself. Addi: Hi. I’m a digital character, so I started out as an idea in a Content team brainstorming session, became a cartoon, and now I’m a writer. I’m really happy and kind of relieved to be here. Being an idea felt a little uncertain and I wasn’t sure how I would turn out. I was kind of hoping for more than one outfit, but otherwise, I’m delighted. Connect@ADP: We are too. At ADP, we love seeing great ideas come to life. How do you write...

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