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ADP celebrates National Payroll Week!

ADP celebrates National Payroll Week!

For 22 years now, National Payroll Week has accompanied Labor Day to celebrate over 150 million hard-working Americans and the payroll professionals who get them their wages. Also for 22 years, ADP is proud to be the sole Diamond Sponsor of National Payroll Week. Founded by the American Payroll Association (APA), the week has unswervingly focused on one goal: to help workers better understand and manage their pay. Eight percent of workers reported last year that they were not certain if their paychecks were the correct amount. Another 22 percent were only somewhat certain. And payroll professionals’ work goes beyond wages too. American workers’ social security, Medicare, child support and other benefits are tied into the same system. The APA is dedicated to ensuring workers understand their whole paycheck, including the impact of different benefits and withholdings, and ADP is committed to help. This September 4-8, 2017, local APA will host presentations for schools, civic groups and others to spread understanding of the payroll system and its benefits. ADP...

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