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New Hire Paperwork: Requirements & Recommendations

New Hire Paperwork: Requirements & Recommendations

Various federal, state, and local laws require that employees complete certain paperwork at the time of hire. In addition to these requirements, other paperwork is recommended to help you administer payroll, benefits, and other HR responsibilities. Here are some of these key forms: Required New Hire Paperwork: Form I-9. An I-9 Form must be completed to verify that the new hire is authorized to work in the United States. Section 1 of the form must be completed by the end of the employee’s first day of work for pay (but it cannot be completed until the employee has been offered, and has accepted, the job). Employers must complete Section 2 within three business days of the employee’s start date. For example, if an employee begins work on a Monday, Section 2 must be completed by Thursday. Note: In November 2016, the government released a revised version of the I-9. Employers were required to begin using the new version by January 22, 2017. Form W-4. All new hires must complete...

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