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Most HR Execs Aren’t Ready for Open Enrollment, Says Survey

Most HR Execs Aren’t Ready for Open Enrollment, Says Survey

By Charlie Pane, VP, Marketing, Major Account Services Open Enrollment is a year-long process and one of the most important topics for HR leaders. Moreover, once the season is complete, the process starts all over again and they start thinking about next year’s plan. With this in mind, ADP® is excited to announce the Open Enrollment Readiness Benchmark (OERB). This monthly survey gauges the readiness of HR executives for key open enrollment milestones. It is a useful tool for both HR leaders and benefits brokers to use in the planning process. For HR leaders, it is to help them understand where they are in the process against their peers and if they are ahead or behind. For benefits brokers, the data will help them notice where the red flags are and allow them to reach out to their clients to ensure they aren’t falling behind on open enrollment preparation. Below, we explain what the OERB is, how it is put together and importantly, what the most recent survey data...

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