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ADP Delivers on the Future of Pay with Wisely Pay by ADP®

ADP Delivers on the Future of Pay with Wisely Pay by ADP®

Let’s face it – today’s model of pay isn’t working for a large portion of the workforce. Some people struggle with financial stress and have difficulty paying bills on time, particularly the younger generation of workers, as well as freelancers who aren’t consistently employed by a single company. Many employers have found that paycards and digital accounts allow them to take more active interests in the financial wellbeing of their workers to help them meet these challenges and get the most out of their pay. These options have been a game-changer for many. According to a recent report commissioned by ADP®, almost half of Gen Z (47 percent) and nearly a third of Millennials (31 percent) would turn down a job if they were unable to choose their method of pay. This is why we are introducing Wisely Pay by ADP, the next step in ADP’s constant evolution to put clients and their workers at the forefront of macro trends shaping the employment landscape. Wisely Pay is the first...

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