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Debunked! Newest Wage Garnishments Myths

Debunked! Newest Wage Garnishments Myths

Wage garnishments are at an all-time high. In many states, employers are becoming increasingly more liable to creditors. But many organizations still overlook wage garnishments and view them as an obscure and complex aspect of business. Because of this, many myths have developed in recent years about how to process wage garnishments, ways to remain compliant when dealing with them and the availability of useful wage garnishment data. As a follow-up to last year’s successful webinar, join our event on April 24th for insight into new wage garnishments myths and misconceptions that have developed throughout today’s business world. Using the most current wage garnishments data and trends, we will examine how electronic processes can benefit businesses and explore the various types of garnishments that affect employers and employees today. What You Will Learn New myths surrounding wage garnishments and how businesses can overcome each Different types of wage garnishments and how each one can affect both employers and employees How electronic processes can help manage wage garnishments to improve...

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