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Which Way is Up? Ask Compass.

Which Way is Up? Ask Compass.

By Jordan Birnbaum, ADP Chief Behavioral Economist, Talent Activation This is the first in a series of new insights from Compass Compass is an award-winning development tool that was created by ADP in 2015. Focused on driving positive changes in leadership and collaboration behaviors, the tool has created incredible results, generating 10% improvements in scores as rated by team members and colleagues. It has since become one of ADP’s fastest-growing new products, with 220 live external clients within a few months. There are several components that contribute to what makes Compass so great. The application of behavioral economics and design thinking makes using the product simple and enjoyable. The confidential reports help to frame feedback in a manner that encourages managers and collaborators to embrace it instead of opposing it. And the innovation of email-based coaching has proven to be the major differentiator – a sustainable and scalable source of measurable improvement in leaders and collaborators. But for all those things to work, Compass first has to measure those...

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