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What Makes Your Company A Great Place to Work?

What Makes Your Company A Great Place to Work?

The way others perceive your company can be critical to attracting, engaging, and retaining top employees. A strong message that clearly communicates why you’re an employer of choice can set you apart from your competition and help attract like-minded employees. That’s why many successful companies actively develop an employer brand to highlight their reputation as a great place to work. Here are some guidelines for developing and communicating your brand: Assess reputation. Your culture and brand are unique to you. Consider conducting surveys among applicants, new hires, and long-term employees to find out how they perceive your company. This will establish a baseline by which you can measure the effectiveness of future employer marketing campaigns. Identify strengths. While not every employer can offer the highest pay, you likely have strengths that are attractive to certain workers. Think about what makes your workplace unique and what you value. For example, maybe you give employees greater flexibility, promote diversity, foster a culture of social responsibility, encourage creativity and innovation, and/or empower...

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