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Workplace Compliance Spotlight: Employee Handbook Best Practices

Workplace Compliance Spotlight: Employee Handbook Best Practices

Employee handbooks help employers communicate rules, benefits andother important information to employees. An up-to-date employee handbook can help employers comply with certain requirements and can inform new hires and employees of your business’s policies and practices. However, understanding which policies to include and how to properly maintain a handbook can be a challenge. If your handbook isn’t drafted carefully, certain policies may conflict with federal, state, or local law. Watch the first in our Workplace Compliance Spotlight webcast series and get critical insights and best practices on employee handbooks, such as: What makes an employee handbook effective Why you need to keep your handbook updated How to use your handbook to manage social media, dress codes, and other workplace issues Critical policies to include and what to avoid Tips for distributing your handbook and obtaining employee acknowledgments ADP remains at the forefront of helping employers understand the complex compliance, financial, and strategic issues surrounding workforce management. Tap into our expertise to ensure you’re in the best shape possible for...

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