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Partnering with a more human resource

Secrets of Success for Working Mothers

This week, ADP was named by Working Mother as one of the 2015 100 Best Companies for Working Mothers. So, we spoke with some of ADP associates who are also moms to find out how they manage the demands of work and motherhood. While Working Mother identifies progressive workplace programs, including advancement of women, flexibility, child care, and paid parental leave, as important to supporting working mom talent, we wanted to hear from the real experts, the moms who achieve successes in the office and home each day. “I believe in work life integration. Blending my professional life with my personal life allows me to manage both responsibilities. ADP has been great in providing me the flexibility to make this happen. I have been lucky to be supported by wonderful colleagues and leadership.” Ahu Yildirmaz, Vice President and Head of the ADP Research Institute “Being a full-time working mom is not always easy and definitely requires a lot of balancing and juggling to handle the day-to-day and the unexpected...

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Innovation, Performance Awards, Cheesecake, #hellowork

We’re celebrating all the human elements that make up the workplace, the people, and relationships that make businesses grow. The hashtag #hellowork is a means to start a conversation with the people at the core of every business. But it’s also an invitation to get to know ADP again. You may have known us for payroll, but our HR solutions are uniquely building better, more efficient, and happier workplaces. We invite you to share your personal work experiences with #hellowork, and join in this conversation and celebration each week. What does #hellowork mean to you? Tell us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and join the celebration of...

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Why should we celebrate National Payroll Week?

September 7-11 is National Payroll Week, a special occasion that every employed American should acknowledge – from teenagers starting their first job to adults who have worked decades and are still at it. The American Payroll Association annually designates National Payroll Week to coincide with the celebration of Labor Day. It is their way to honor payroll professionals who are committed to making sure that pay day arrives week after week, month after month, and helping ensure that payroll is accurate and in compliance with complex tax and withholding requirements, but often without much recognition. It is the commitment of these payroll professionals—whether they process payroll in-house or rely on a partner like ADP®—that deserves a sincere “thank you” from companies like ours and from each of the approximately 150 million total workers employed in the United States today. ADP® is again the Diamond Sponsor of National Payroll Week, and as President of our Small Business Services division, I’d like to make a special call out to the critical...

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How do you say #hellowork

Work isn’t just work. It’s where friendships are made. Challenges are met. Achievements are recognized. Stories are cemented in time. A lot of amazing things can happen in those eight …12 …14 hours. Our HR solutions are based on real humans helping other humans solve problems with technology and an approach that never loses the personal touch. Increasingly, our technology is delivering an experience our clients love to use. What you know and think about ADP is evolving. Which is why we recently adopted the new tagline — ADP: A more human resource. Today we are bringing this tagline to life with a celebration of work and the people who make businesses run. Say #hellowork Let’s celebrate all the human elements that make up the workplace, the people and relationships that make businesses grow. Let’s demonstrate that work is more than just a job, it’s also an integral part of the human experience. The hashtag #hellowork is a means to start a conversation with the people at the core...

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Celebrating National Payroll Week

As we return to work after celebrating Labor Day, it’s also a time to celebrate our paychecks and the people behind them. Did you know… On behalf of their companies, payroll professionals contribute, collect, report, and deposit nearly $2 trillion annually, nearly 69% of the annual revenue of the U.S. Treasury. This week, September 7-11, we celebrate National Payroll Week (NPW). Founded by the American Payroll Association, it’s NPW’s 20th anniversary. At ADP, we are enthusiastic ongoing sponsors of NPW with a goal to raise awareness for our industry, while helping America’s workers maximize income through strategic management of their paychecks, withholdings, and deductions. Our paychecks are vital to our lives. It helps us pay for our homes, food, and clothing. We often look forward to our paychecks, yet we overlook the dedicated payroll professionals behind them. This week, let’s show our payroll departments how valued and important their work is to the overall well-being of the organization. Across the world, payroll plays a vital function in human resources....

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Ask an App – MakeShift by AppColony

What’s hAPPening in innovation? Our “Ask an App” blog series introduces you to inventive apps that are changing how a variety of workforce management tasks are managed by employers and employees. These apps are offered by ADP partner companies, featured in ADP Marketplace. Tell us about your company and what solutions you are offering on ADP Marketplace. We’re MakeShift—a scheduling and communication solution for businesses that use shift workers. MakeShift clients can easily build schedules online, while their employees can use our iOS/Android app to manage their schedule, clock in, set their availability, trade shifts, and more. We also offer MakeShift Live, a separate app to help managers stay on top of things. MakeShift is available in a few flavors offering a range of options and features, from basic scheduling and communication to automatic timesheets and payroll export. We’re constantly enhancing the product based on user feedback and we offer all new clients a free two-week trial so they can see just how easy it really is to use....

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Benefits of a Private Exchange in the Affordable Care Act era

Private exchanges benefit both employers and their employees, so it’s no surprise that over the past few years, they have experienced great success under the Affordable Care Act. So far, nearly 6 million people have enrolled in health insurance through a private exchange. This number is expected to double next year, and by 2018, it’s estimated there will be 40 million Americans enrolled in coverage through a private exchange. In order to participate in this growing alternative, GoHealth has partnered with ADP to create the ADP Private Exchange. This exchange gives employers the tools to help their part-time, temporary, and contract employees who are not otherwise eligible for employer-sponsored coverage to enroll in health insurance and access tax subsidy estimates that could lower their monthly premiums. Here are just a few ways the ADP Private Exchange can benefit both employers and their employees.   Burdens lifted for employers When the Cadillac tax – an excise tax on high-cost health plans – goes into effect in 2018, it’s expected to...

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Integrated Human Capital Management For Enterprises – What ‘Better’ Looks Like

On a pretty regular basis, our clients tell us that one of the biggest challenges they face as HR leaders is offering more strategic value to their organizations. In fact, it’s why they come to us for integrated human captial management (HCM) solutions. Specifically, they’re looking for a cloud-based HCM solution that can help them find, develop and retain great people — an integrated platform that addresses the strategic needs of HR, as well as the compliance and risk mitigation aspects of talent, benefits, payroll, and time and labor management. But just as their HCM needs have evolved, so has their need for meaningful tools and resources to help them assess and measure the current effectiveness of their efforts, and help them define a clear path to better align their HR services with their business’s strategy. An article in the July-August issue of Harvard Business Review® titled “People Before Strategy: A New Role for the CHRO,” examined the same challenge, saying: “The chief human resources officer must become a...

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Fixing the Enterprise App

The current disparity in software design is kind of funny when you think about it — at least if you’re a fan of dark comedies. The applications we rely on for personal tasks like ordering pizza, hailing cabs, or finding local movie times are slick and intuitive. They’re continuously refined based on written and data-driven user feedback. Yet, the enterprise software supporting Fortune 500 companies and running critical control systems —the stuff company profits, jobs, and lives depend on — is often clunky, prone to crashing and runs on obsolete technologies. How did we end up here? And more importantly, how do we fix the enterprise app? It’s not surprising consumer applications are leading the way in design. Build an unfriendly consumer app, and watch the competition eat your lunch. In effect, the consumer tech world is Darwin’s Galapagos Islands, where only the fittest remain relevant. “Enterprise apps are a different beast,” says Thomas Murphy, principal application developer at ADP’s Innovation Lab. “Companies, especially larger ones, have historically purchased...

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