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Celebrating Women in Sales that Inspire – Part One

By Dave Greenberg, Senior DVP Sales at ADP There are so many aspects involved in fostering a healthy organizational culture that embraces diversity and inclusion. In one respect, it means encouraging an environment that is clear, firm and diligent around accepting every individual, irrespective of everything ranging from age, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and a variety of other qualities. In another respect, it means driving an aggressive agenda to make real and sustainable change. I’m fortunate to be part of an organization that has a solid structure in place to support, promote and demand equality across multiple fronts. In 2018, we want to continue the positive momentum that ADP has created over the last nearly 70 years. This leads me to a topic that is at the forefront of every company’s agenda, especially in the month of March: gender parity. In celebration of Women’s History Month and coming off International Women’s Day on March 8th, it’s a great time to reflect on where we were and where we...

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10 HR Myths Revealed: Hiring, Pay, Leave, & More

Employers must follow a number of increasingly complex federal, state, and local laws. Certain myths surrounding these laws can make it even harder to comply. Below, we debunk 10 myths that employers may encounter. Myth: When federal, state, and local laws conflict, the employer gets to choose which one to follow. Fact: When federal, state, and local laws conflict, the one most generous to the employee generally applies. For example, if an employee is covered by the federal, state, and local minimum wage, the employee is entitled to the highest minimum wage among the three. Myth: It’s a best practice to ask about criminal history on application forms. Fact: In numerous jurisdictions, employers are prohibited from asking about criminal history on application forms. In many cases, these laws require employers to wait until later in the pre-employment process, such as after a conditional job offer, before asking about criminal history. While there is no federal law specifically prohibiting employers from asking applicants if they’ve ever been convicted of a...

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ADP Vantage HCM Helps PS Logistics Manage Rapid Growth

PS Logistics is a full-service transportation company, with over 2,000 flatbed assets. Vice President of Human Resources, Kimberley Daigle leads a three person HR team that is responsible for 3,000 employees. Through the years, PS Logistics has experienced rapid growth, both organically and through acquisitions. However, this growth came with several challenges. Daigle says, “Before we implemented ADP Vantage HCM, we had 25 different systems that all housed HR information. Even the systems we had implemented into our business couldn’t cross-relate personnel files. As you’d imagine, this created significant difficulties for us to manage the workforce in a centralized fashion. When we decided to go with ADP Vantage HCM, we knew we wanted to clean all of that up. And we needed help to accomplish this. With ADP Vantage HCM and the best practices platform, we received guidance on how to create a main source for all of our data.” She continues, “We previously had a broken system for recruitment and onboarding office personnel. That has been fixed with...

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ADP Named to LinkedIn Top Companies List Recognizing Where Jobseekers and Professionals Want to Work in 2018

LinkedIn®, the world’s largest professional network, has recognized ADP® as one of its 2018 Top Companies. The annual list highlights the top 50 companies that are most in-demand by jobseekers and have figured out how to attract and retain top talent. The LinkedIn editorial team analyzed billions of actions and behaviors taken by its more than 500 million LinkedIn members to come up with a blended score used to rank the winners. “We’re honored to be recognized as one of the most sought-after brands for jobseekers and professionals,” said Liz Gelb-O’Connor, vice president of global employer brand and marketing at ADP. “When you consider the ever-increasing competition for talent, having a strong employer brand to attract and retain talent is more critical than ever. Our inclusion on the list is a reflection of our commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive work environment that truly values our greatest asset: our people.” ADP received more than 660,000 job applications last year, and its global career sites had more than 1...

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Celebrating 25 Years of ADP Meeting of the Minds

By Debbie Dyson, President of National Account Services and Client Experience at ADP As we wrap up our 25th annual ADP Meeting of the Minds Conference in Orlando today, I wanted to share some of the highlights that made this event so special for both ADP associates and our clients. More than 1,400 HCM leaders gathered for the four-day event to network, hear from each other about what works, learn how to get the most out of their ADP solutions and get an inside look at the latest ADP HCM technologies. Clients attended more than 175 educational sessions designed to help develop their skills and receive certifications to maximize their professional development. Session topics ranged from navigating legislative challenges to the evolution of U.S. workforce policies and practices. It was so great to hear from these HR leaders that represent 475 of our clients and more than 6 million employees. They shared feedback on sessions, best practices and anecdotes about how they are elevating the employee experience and improving...

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The Future of Work Is Mobile. It’s Intelligent. It’s Flexible. And It’s Here!

The world at work is an ever-changing paradigm. Currently, the world is experiencing a perfect storm of modern technologies, diverse workforces, and shifting business conditions, at the center of which is the workplace. Work and personal lives are being integrated more than ever, which means employees expect the same types of user experiences and capabilities at work as they have on their personal devices and platforms. The ubiquity of mobile devices, combined with the demands of dynamic workforces, also make it necessary for businesses to look for flexible and innovative ways to manage workers’ schedules, time and attendance. This month, we are thrilled to offer ADP® Workforce Manager, an AI-powered platform that delivers extensive functionality and insightful analytics through an intuitive mobile-first design, to help management make faster, better decisions about their workforce. “ADP Workforce Manager will have Education Affiliates ready for what the future brings, because the look and feel is cutting edge, and we all know that millennials are the most connected generation ever, and that all...

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Complimentary eBook: The Rise of the Holistic Learning Experience

We’re amidst disruption in the way people work and learn. Technology, skills, and workforce demographics are shifting and evolving at a rapid pace. The role of learning and development has never been more important to ensure organizations, and their employees, stay relevant and agile… going beyond the “check the box” approach. Employees are now sitting in the driver’s seat when it comes to their career path. Forward thinking organizations must move from simply managing training to creating a holistic learning experience, and transition from being training facilitators to learning curators. Modern tools will help make this transition possible. Download the eBook, The Rise of the Holistic Learning Experience, to uncover top research, industry trends, challenges and tactics for delivering a holistic learning experience that empowers your workforce. To learn more about how you can empower your workforce, visit Cornerstone on ADP...

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The Key to Hiring and Retaining the Right Talent Might Lie in Your Voluntary Benefits

By Will Giaconia, VP Benefits The world of work is evolving, as a result of demographics, tight labor markets and the rise of the gig economy. Now more than ever, employees want more from their employers when it comes to benefits. They want their companies to understand their unique needs, and meet them in different ways. They want the financial support, but they also want peace of mind, removing out-of-work life stresses so they can focus on doing a great job. According to a leading business intelligence firm,1 seventy-two percent of employees agree that the ability to customize benefits increases loyalty. Furthermore, we also know that two thirds of millennials say their employers have already adopted flexible work arrangements to accommodate them.2 So, do you have the right mix of benefits to offer meet your employees’ needs? What are voluntary benefits and why are they important? While traditionally categorized as insurance products, voluntary benefits include a range of perks for employees, offered by employers, which can include supplemental benefits,...

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Another Strong Month of Job Growth Regionally

Job growth across the regions was strong in February with positive gains in many industries, according to the ADP Regional Employment Report. Although the service-providing industries continue to post the most gains with trade, transportation and utilities leading the way this month, there were solid contributions from the goods-producing sectors including natural resources, mining and construction. The ADP Regional Employment Report is produced by ADP®, a leading global provider of Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions, in collaboration with Moody’s Analytics, Inc. Here is a closer look at the regional numbers: California added 29,400 jobs Florida added 20,200 jobs Illinois added 9,100 jobs New Jersey added 4,200 jobs New York added 12,300 jobs Texas added 21,400 jobs Broadly distributed to the public each month, free of charge, the ADP Regional Employment Report measures the change in regional and state nonfarm private employment each month on a seasonally adjusted basis. For more detailed information, please visit:...

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Forbes: How ADP Gives Data Value Back To Its Customers

Forbes has published a feature article on ADP DataCloud titled, “How ADP Gives Data Value Back To Its Customers.” The article explores the many features of ADP DataCloud, its value in helping clients use accurate and timely data to make strategic business decisions. Says Forbes, “Most of the analytics in the ADP DataCloud and benchmarking offerings are descriptive—generating reports with percentages and averages, often in visual formats. But there are also some predictive analytics available. There is a turnover probability tool, for example, that uses not just a company’s own data but industry-wide data and predictive models based on it. Using factors like employees who have been in their role for too long, or who are underpaid for their job type, the model identifies employees at high risk for attrition. If the employer wants to hold on to those employees, it can investigate further or make an intervention.” Read the full article...

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