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ADP Named a Top Company for Women Technologists

This month, the Anita Borg Institute (ABI), a nonprofit organization focused on the advancement of women in computing, announced its list of top companies for women technologists in 2016, recognizing companies “committed to building workplaces where women in technology can thrive.” ADP is proud to have made the list for, according to ABI, trailblazing in the realm of “recruiting, retaining and advancing more women in technical roles.” At ADP, women represent a significant part of our associate base, not just in numbers, but also in impact. Through our many business resource groups and support networks, we are committed to supporting women by offering leadership and professional development opportunities, especially in technology. To read more about the Anita Borg Institute and this award, check out their website:, and recent coverage in The Business Journals and...

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ACA Best Practices: Annual Reporting Accuracy & Strategic Employee Communications

If you were an Applicable Large Employer (ALE) for tax year 2015, you’ve likely made it through your first year of annual health care reporting. Just as you were breathing a sigh of relief after filing last year’s forms, the process is starting all over again – and seems destined to continue every year from now on. There are lessons to be learned from the 2015 filings, as well as making sure that you are aware of the changes that will apply for 2016. Additionally, since this is only the second year your full-time employees will be receiving a Form 1095-C, a communications plan is the key to your success. It’s time to start thinking about how developing and delivering the right tools in conjunction with effective benefits communications and year end communications to drive awareness and engagement. Join our event on October 25th at either 11AM or 3PM with other HR execs like yourself and get critical insights on how you can prepare for the impact of recent...

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ADP’s Engagement Meter: A New Interactive Tool to Drive Employee Work Happiness

by Reem Abeidoh, ADP Ventures What matters most to employees like yours? What drives their job satisfaction? What do they need to be productive? A new research tool, the ADP® Engagement Meter, gives you access to key data from over 5000 surveyed employees* and insights into factors driving employee happiness, and also lets you benchmark your organization against companies similar to yours. Just plug your company size, industry, and employee age range into ADP’s Engagement Meter and discover a new path to employee work happiness that helps you to shape your Human Capital Management strategy with real marketplace research data.* In addition, you’ll see how industry leading talent apps from ADP Marketplace can help you improve your HCM engagement. ADP’s new engagement tool addresses seven key engagement factors: Recognition – praise and financial incentives to reward a job well done Growth – promotions, training and support to drive personal success within your organization Compensation – competitive salaries and bonuses Benefits – traditional medical/dental/vision with added-value perks/discounts Flexibility – self-management...

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Engineering Consulting Firm Finds the Perfect Employee Benefit, Shopping ADP Marketplace

As consumers, surfing the net helps us to connect with what we need, what we want, and what’s important in our lives. It can also help us to buy products and services that can benefit our businesses and employees. Take the case of Tracy Hannuksela, Human Resources Director at Landau Associates, the Edmonds, Washington-based engineering consulting firm and a client of ADP Workforce Now®. “We were thinking of offering personal identification theft protection as an employee benefit for some time,” she explains. Among the problems the HR Director encountered were cost-prohibitive coverage through brokers, products that didn’t meet expectations, and offerings that simply turned out to be too good to be true. “Then one morning, I logged in to ADP Workforce Now and got a pop-up message for ADP Marketplace. I clicked on the ‘New Market Vendors’ banner and it didn’t take me long before I found what I was looking for.” She discovered ADP Marketplace vendor, Core ID, whose ID theft protection product on ADP Marketplace was a...

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Benchmarking’s Time to Shine: ADP Solution Named One of Top HR Products of 2016 and ‘Awesome’ New Technology

Human Resource Executive® recently revealed that Benchmarking, powered by the ADP® DataCloud, has been selected as one of its “2016 Top HR Products” and “Awesome New Technologies for HR.” With a record-breaking number of nominations to consider this year, the magazine relied on a combination of staff reviews and comments from outside experts and analysts to choose the top products of the year. So what, exactly, is Benchmarking and why was it honored? Benchmarking was introduced as part of the ADP DataCloud analytics platform in October 2015. The solution gives companies the ability to compare their workforce data with up-to-date aggregated and anonymized HR and pay data from ADP’s database of more than 95,000 client organizations. By harnessing this data, HR leaders can see how their companies stack up to the competition in such areas as compensation, workforce change and workforce demographics. For example, an ADP benchmark may reveal that the average tenure for a specific job in a specific industry is two years. If your company has employees...

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5 Steps that can bring you closer to ACA compliance

Regardless of who wins the presidential election, the U.S. healthcare system will surely continue to morph from both a care management and compliance perspective. The reality is that managing compliance under the ACA has become and will continue to be a part of every broker, HR and finance leader’s day-to-day agenda. It’s that simple. It’s that inevitable. It’s that crucial to your success. I know. Just as you were breathing a sigh of relief after filing last year’s forms, the process is starting all over again — and seems destined to continue every year from now on. We’ve learned a lot in the past year. ADP helped more than 25,000 clients ranging in size from 50 to 50,000 employees manage their compliance requirements. During that time, we gained a lot of insight. Read as ADP’s Vic Saliterman, Senior Vice President, Health Care Reform, shares five steps that can help advisers and organizations focus their ACA compliance efforts. To learn more, read: 5 Steps that can bring you closer to...

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From the Service to Civilian Life- How ADP Commits to Veterans in the Workplace

By Tom Hiebert, Senior Director of Veterans Initiatives, ADP Serving in the U.S. military is one of the biggest challenges, and honors, I’ve ever experienced. When I re-entered the civilian workforce, and civilian life, after 28 years of Army service, I knew that the skills I developed would serve me well in the next step of my career, but I didn’t quite know how. At ADP, we believe we have a responsibility to bridge this gap for Veterans, and I’m proud to be a part of the team that designed our Veteran hiring program to do so. At the same time, I know that building – and actually putting into practice – a program like this is not easy. So in addition to being proud of our Veterans Initiatives program, I want ADP to be a resource for other companies attempting to do the same. Here’s how we at ADP formed and focused our program. Make a formal commitment Working with ADP’s leadership team, we set a goal for...

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Don’t Fear! Tips to Survive Year-End Reporting

For many employers, the last three months of the calendar year can be quite overwhelming as you prepare for routine year-end workforce activities such as distributing Forms W-2, potential changes in employer taxes, and the ongoing effects of legislative and regulatory changes. Keeping pace with all of these tasks — while remaining compliant — can be daunting. To help with these efforts, ADP® is conducting two hour-long webcasts that will offer insights on the latest changes and trends pertaining to year-end reporting, including aspects of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), unemployment insurance tax, Forms W-2 reporting and payroll. Topics of discussion will include: Affordable Care Act (ACA) o New IRS® ACA E-File Systems and Error Notices o IRS ACA Penalty Assessments Unemployment Insurance (UI) Tax o Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA) Changes – Possible FUTA credit reduction and Benefit Cost Rate Assessment – Affected states and potential outcomes o State Unemployment Tax Changes – Proposed expansions to quarterly wage reporting o Update on the projected solvency of state UI trust...

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Predictive Analytics Can Help Keep Your Most Valuable Employees from Quitting

In this tight labor market, talent retention is a top priority for businesses of all sizes. For any business to gain and maintain a competitive edge, one of the main objectives of HR leaders and business owners has to be not only recruiting the best talent but retaining it as well. So wouldn’t it be great if you had insight into which of your top talent is thinking of leaving so you could take preemptive action? With ADP’snew Turnover Probability solution, powered by the ADP® DataCloud, companies can more accurately identify the likelihood of future voluntary turnover. By helping to identify those employees most at risk of leaving, the model helps eliminate the guesswork from identifying likely hotspots of attrition within an organization, and mitigates the business risk of losing valued employees in key jobs, departments and locations. To gain a competitive edge, employers need to know where the highest levels of turnover occur within their organization, how their likelihood of turnover compares to other companies in their industry,...

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What It Means to Support Working Mothers

Rita Mitjans, Chief Diversity & Corporate Social Responsibility Officer

Jobs and careers are a big part of our lives, but are not the only things that matter. Life changes, like the birth or adoption of a child, brings joy and at the same time, tremendous complexity to our life. It’s even more challenging when you’re a single parent.Although my daughter is now in college, I struggled with balancing work and family initially.Having a boss that gave me the flexibility to go to doctors’ appointments and drop her off at school allowed me to be less stressed and more productive – something that benefitted me and my company.The reality is that while my job hadn’t changed when I returned from maternity leave, my life had. At ADP, we recognize this challenge — it’s another way we live our brand of “a more human resource,” and we also value what working mothers and their families can teach us. Our approach starts with listening to the working mothers in our associate base, having policies and benefits that address those needs, and...

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