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1 in Every 3 Jobs Created in March were located in Texas, California or Florida

We experienced yet another month of strong job growth across the regions in March, according to the ADP Regional Employment Report. The south and the west were top performers with notable increases in Texas, California and Florida, in fact 1 in every 3 jobs created this month were located in these 3 states. Looking at industries, professional and business services posted the most gains in the service-providing sector and natural resources and mining had another solid month in the goods-producing sector. The ADP Regional Employment Report is produced by ADP®, a leading global provider of Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions, in collaboration with Moody’s Analytics, Inc. Here is a closer look at the regional numbers: California added 33,000 jobs Florida added 17,500 jobs Illinois added 5,700 jobs New Jersey added 3,600 jobs New York added 11,100 jobs Texas added 35,800 jobs Broadly distributed to the public each month, free of charge, the ADP Regional Employment Report measures the change in regional and state nonfarm private employment each month on...

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Boosting Employee Engagement: Advice from an ADP Expert

A newly published article in features Tara Wolckenhauer, division vice president of enterprise-wide HR functions at ADP. In the article, Wolckenhauer offers her insights to help small business owners spark engagement among employees. Having worked in human resources for more than two decades, Wolckenhauer knows the importance of an engaged workforce. She shares what employee engagement really means: “Employee engagement, to me, means an all-around commitment by employees to their work, the values of the company and its people. Engaged employees are all in and feel they are part of something bigger. They understand that the job is hard sometimes, but because they love their job and are engaged in the work, they feel connected to the company’s mission, products, and people.” In fact, according to a study from the ADP Research Institute, the work itself, work hours and flexibility are among the top reasons people stay with a company. Wolchenhauer says that knowing that, managers need to make sure employees have clearly defined goals when it comes...

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World Wide Technology Simplifies HR Processes and Supports Future Growth

Over the past 27 years, World Wide Technology (WWT) has grown from a small product reseller into a technology solution provider with more than $9 billion in annual revenue and more than 4,500 employees operating in 10 countries. To keep up with its rapid growth, the company realized it needed a human capital management (HCM) system that was flexible and scalable. As such, it turned to ADP® and decided to implement ADP Vantage HCM® and ADP Streamline®. “Our plan is to add another 4,500 employees in the next five years,” said Ann Marr, vice president of Global Human Resources at WWT. “We knew the old systems we had in place wouldn’t be able to handle more employees and we’d end up hiring more people to do processes that could easily be automated. With ADP, we’ll be able to eliminate manual processes and dual data entry which will save time, reduce errors and increase efficiencies. Right now, we’re still using spreadsheets in some countries so we’re thrilled ADP will help...

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Anderson Hospital Gains Efficiency and Visibility into Recruiting Through ADP®

Anderson Hospital, an independent not-for-profit hospital operating in Madison County, Illinois, partnered with ADP® to implement ADP Recruiting Management technology. The hospital is dedicated to creating an environment that provides excellent service and a high quality of life. ADP Recruiting Management supports the hospital’s need for an efficient, effective recruiting solution, and provides strong reporting capabilities that enable ongoing improvement and configuration. Alicia Gregory, HR Project Manager at Anderson Hospital says, “For end users, ADP Recruiting Management is a lot more efficient, as a result, we are getting more applicants and stronger candidates.” Read the full story to learn how ADP Recruiting Management is a strategic choice for organizations that want to stay ahead of the...

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Three Reasons You Need an Org Chart Now

To react quickly to today’s rapidly changing business environment, an organization’s structure and key workforce metrics need to be clearly displayed and immediately accessible. Workforce initiatives confronted by corporations include the creation of new project teams, reorganizations, reductions in force, mergers and acquisitions and even break ups and spin-offs. The data and planning involved can be daunting but having access to an up-to-date org chart allows companies to react efficiently to what are often complex HR projects. Building Functioning Teams Building cohesive teams is a key responsibility of management and a driver of company success. Lack of alignment within a team impacts the outcome of a task or project according to 97% of surveyed employees and executives. Having a clear, visual representation of team members and their connections and responsibilities can assist employees understand their roles. A badly communicated organizational structure can result in confusion, uncertainty and even a lack of accountability. Succession Planning and Career Development A dynamic org chart can assist in the crucial business of succession...

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9 Ways to Promote a More Diverse and Inclusive Work Environment

A diverse and inclusive workforce is comprised of people of different backgrounds who are valued for their contributions. This can provide employers with a competitive advantage by bringing new ideas, fresh perspectives, and an engaged workforce. For these reasons, it’s important to think about how you hire, treat, develop, promote, and provide benefits to employees and whether those practices foster inclusion or exclusion. Here are some ideas for improving diversity and inclusion at your company: #1: Start at the top. Make sure each manager, senior manager, and executive is responsible for inclusion and hold them accountable during performance evaluations. Discuss the issue during leadership meetings and share feedback from employees. To demonstrate the importance of diversity and inclusion within your company, consider including it in your employer branding. #2: Expand recruiting. Use a variety of sources to find potential job candidates. Understand which groups are underrepresented (e.g., people of color, employees with disabilities, etc.) in your workforce and seek out community organizations and schools to help you recruit a...

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HRO Today: Making Teams Work

In a new article on HRO Today by Amy Leschke-Kahle, vice president of performance acceleration for The Marcus Buckingham Company®, an ADP® company, she discusses strategies to help managers enable their employees to succeed. Leschke-Kahle says, “At work, a team can mean many things. Organizations can have a team of executives or a team of frontline workers. They can have a hierarchical team, a flatter team, or a dynamic team that brings together contractors and full-time employees from disparate groups or practices depending on the project at hand. Whether it’s in the field of hospitality, technology, or on the shop floor, teams are where work lives. But increasingly, more and more work gets done in groups outside of the organizational chart.” She goes on to explain that there’s no universal blueprint of what makes the perfect team—or even what the average team looks like. But there is an X factor in what makes it successful: the leader. And to further this concept, according to ADP Research Institute®’s study Fixing...

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The Latest on Tax Reform and Maintaining Compliance

On average, almost every U.S. employer can expect to receive at least one IRS penalty assessment for errors in employment tax administration, every year. In FY2016, the IRS issued more than 5.8 million penalty notices for employment tax, totaling over $6 billion, or roughly $1,000 per notice. Maintaining employment tax compliance can be a risky business. Businesses across the U.S. are struggling to understand how the recent Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (P.L. 115-97) affect them. Many provisions are immediately effective, although the IRS may not issue guidance for months. With Federal tax reform becoming law and expected to spark similar legislation in more than forty states, it’s difficult enough to just keep up with the changes, let alone comply with them. And with the recent increase in IRS information reporting penalties for incorrect information – which has more than doubled1 – can you afford to make any mistakes? Helping you stay compliant is one of our highest priorities. In fact, ADP makes over 1,000 programming changes annually to...

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Celebrating Women in Sales that Inspire – Part Two

By Dave Greenberg, Senior DVP Sales at ADP ADP is celebrating Women’s History Month by recognizing our 2018 “Inspiring Women in Sales.” In Part Two of our series, we hear from two more female leaders who are members of the ADP worldwide sales team who share insights into their career paths and secrets to success. Daina Bowler, Vice President, Human Resources Organization Sales How long have you been at ADP and what has your career journey looked like? I’m celebrating seven years in June. I began my career as a Resource District Manager in the Long Beach office. In my first year, I was named “Rookie of the Year”, Board of Directors (BOD) and broke the record for the most resource units sold and highest roll call. In my second year as a District Manager, I qualified for BOD again and broke my original records from the year before. I was then promoted to Sales Executive overseeing the Long Beach and Los Angeles offices. Two years after that I...

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Matchbox Finds A Convenient and Flexible Way to Pay Their Gratuities with ALINE Card by ADP® and GratSync®

As Director of Human Resources for Matchbox Food Group, Tim Rogers, working with only one HR generalist, is responsible for HR and payroll for 1,500 restaurant employees in 11 locations, primarily in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. We recently spoke to Tim about the integration of the ALINE Card by ADP® with Instant TIPS by GratSync® a Gratuity Solutions® product, to pay employee tips in almost “real-time.” Tim sang the praises of this solution for Matchbox, for restaurant management and for tipped employees. Here’s what he had to say: IMPLEMENTATION IS FLAWLESS, WITH FIRST-DAY SERVICE: Even though I had previous pay card experience and was well-versed using it, I still had a dedicated ADP implementation specialist and she was just amazing. I sent her the information needed to have the ALINE Cards prepared for each new location – employee name, address, ID, social security number and date of birth. She ordered the ALINE Welcome Kits containing personalized cards and they arrived within 10 days. For each new location, we...

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