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Employee Development Matters! ADP Wins 2017 Skillsoft Channel Partner of the Year Innovation Award for its Focus on Training for Clients

By Kathy Ross, Senior Vice President of ADP Comprehensive Outsourcing Services Training and development can sometimes fall to the end of the list when it comes to tackling human resources (HR) priorities. This is true even though most HR leaders know that providing training and development opportunities can drive significant business results, help to spur company growth, reduce employee turnover, and provide a competitive advantage. ADP® is changing all that by providing its clients access to the ADP Comprehensive Learning program, which features a robust array of training materials from Skillsoft®, a global leader in eLearning. And its efforts have not gone unnoticed. The success of the ADP solution has earned the company the 2017 Skillsoft Channel Partner of the Year Innovation Award, which recognizes the partner company that has “developed and marketed a unique and innovative reseller solution to drive business results.” Announced at Skillsoft’s annual user conference, 2017 Skillsoft Perspectives, these awards recognize Skillsoft customers and partners for their success, innovation, and expertise in learning and development,...

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Time-Saving Tips and Tech to Keep Employees Happy

Entrepreneur’s article “Time-Saving Tips and Tech to Keep Employees Happy” explores three simple ways implementing technology in your business can help with employee engagement. 1. Eliminate meeting overload 2. Keep necessary information easily accessible 3. Implement workflow automation “Implementing workflow automation solutions can help eliminate the tedious, repetitive work required of most employees. This technology opens up time for employees to focus on more interesting projects that help advance critical business initiatives. In fact, according to an ADP study, 55 percent of modern employees feel positively about replacing repetitive tasks with automation.” Read the full article here: Time-Saving Tips and Tech to Keep Employees...

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New Law Affects NYC Freelance Contracts

If you do business with an independent contractor working from New York City, there is a new law that applies to the relationship, effective May 15, 2017. This affects everyone who contracts with any of the estimated 4 million freelance workers in NYC. The New York City Freelance Isn’t Free Act (FIFA) makes it easier for freelance workers and independent contractors to collect payment. It also comes with hefty penalties for anyone who does not get agreements in writing and pay on time. To whom does the law apply? FIFA applies to individuals doing work as independent contractors in New York City. It includes individuals or organizations with no more than one employee that provide services in exchange for compensation. It does not matter whether the hiring person or organization is located in New York City. It excludes sales representatives, attorneys, and licensed health care workers. What contracts are covered? FIFA applies to services over $800, either in a single contract or in multiple agreements entered during any 120...

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Top Honors: ADP Earns ‘HR Management Solutions Company of the Year’ Award from Frost & Sullivan

Based on its recent analysis of the HR management solutions market, Frost & Sullivan, a leading global research and consulting firm, has honored ADP® as the 2016 North American HR Management Solutions Company of the Year. Frost & Sullivan highlighted ADP’s strength in helping companies of all sizes in the United States and worldwide efficiently address day-to-day human capital management (HCM) functions including payroll, benefits administration, talent management and time and attendance. The firm also recognized ADP’s ability to provide employers with unified and actionable data and help them comply with complex laws and regulations worldwide. Frost & Sullivan noted that ADP’s talent applications help executives quickly identify, recruit, onboard, develop, manage and retain top talent across demographics and geographies. Other highlights, according to Frost & Sullivan, include ADP’s wide range of outsourced HR services that help companies work faster, smarter, and stay ahead of task-based and strategic HR initiatives. ADP was also cited for its expanding support of global enterprises (in more than 110 countries to date). Read...

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5 Ways for Employers to Put Diversity and Inclusion into Action

Rita Mitjans, Chief Diversity & Corporate Social Responsibility Officer

Finding and keeping good people has never been easy, but as the labor market continues to tighten, it’s certainly not getting any easier. As we saw in the Q1 2017 ADP Workforce Vitality Report® and explained in USA Today, people can switch jobs more easily than ever, placing added pressure on employers to tune into workforce demands beyond salary and benefits. Current trends indicate that job searchers are choosing employers based on who they are as an organization and what they stand for, including diversity and inclusion efforts, corporate social responsibility, career mentorship and other dimensions that weren’t always considered fundamental to doing business. In other words, people want to work for organizations that do more than just grow profits. Over the past few years, businesses have placed a particular emphasis on formalizing diversity and inclusion (D&I) as part of their business practices. In fact, according to a recent study by Deloitte, D&I is now a CEO-level issue – in 2017, the number of executives who cited inclusion as...

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Let’s Celebrate National Small Business Week!

This year, National Small Business Week runs from April 30 to May 6. Every spring since 1963 the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) sets one week aside to celebrate the 28 million small businesses that keep the U.S. economy humming along. Those celebrations include a series of events around the country where SBA honors small businesses and their owners for the huge impact they make to local communities and our national economy. We wanted to do something special to help mark this occasion. So, every day during National Small Business Week, we’re publishing a ’round up’ post on Thrive Powered by ADP® that contains the most popular small business tips, recommendations and advice from the past year. We encourage you to check back each day on Thrive and read about how small business owners navigate challenges every day and do what they do best! There are many reasons why small businesses deserve a special shout out. Looking at our National Employment Report data published by the ADP Research Institute®,...

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It’s Not Clairvoyance, It’s Data Science

How predictive analytics can bolster human insight We’re in a fierce era of ever-increasing competition for great, reliable data. Around a decade ago, at the start of the Big Data boom, businesses were just beginning to devise ways to capture and record data. Today, we’re asking, “How do we make our data stronger to deliver insights that are more meaningful?” For some companies, the answer’s been to hire data scientists to help interpret the huge amount of data that companies are collecting, internally and online. In fact, according to Glassdoor®, “Data Scientist” ranked as the best job in America in 2017 for the second year in a row. The growing demand for data analysts and scientists really goes to show how more companies are relying on data to help guide their workforce decisions and optimize their biggest asset: Their people. How can you help your organization embrace Big Data to gain workforce insights? ADP’s Marc Rind, Vice President of Product Development and Chief Data Scientist shared his thoughts with...

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Veterans: A Talent Pool That is Critical to the Sustained Growth of Our Economy

By Tom Hiebert, Senior Director, Veterans Initiatives At ADP, we believe that the concept of employability is a critical social and business imperative. It means helping people access the skills and opportunities they need to succeed in the workforce. But this isn’t just a feel-good initiative – it addresses a real business need. As the U.S. labor market continues towards full employment, with more than 15 million jobs added in the past seven years, employers are now in a position where they have to attract and retain new sources of talent with the skills they need. As our CEO, Carlos Rodriguez, recently stated in the Business RoundtableSM 2017 Sustainability Report, “One source of great talent in this tightening labor market is our Veteran community. Our Veterans are incredibly resilient and possess great leadership, management, and innovative problem-solving skills that businesses today need to succeed.” ADP has created a mission of our own, to give Veterans and their spouses the employment opportunities they deserve. To help with this, we strive...

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CPA Practice Advisor Features ADP’s 5 Tips to Help Navigate Pay Equity

CPA Practice Advisor published an article by Ellen Feeney, vice president and counsel in ADP’s Global Compliance Group,titled “5 Tips to Help Navigate Pay Equity,” which provides accounting firms with some best practices regarding equitable pay practices. “As yet another regulatory deadline looms, you’d think companies would be making EEO-1 compliance a priority. Interestingly, that’s frequently not the case. According to ADP Research Institute® data, when it comes to awareness of the new EEOC requirements, just over half of midsized and nearly three-quarters of large companies are aware of these requirements, but only 20 percent report having a plan in place to manage them. And just about half of companies feel extremely or very confident they will be able to comply with the law by 2018.” Read the entire article at CPA Practice...

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