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Most HR Execs Aren’t Ready for Open Enrollment, Says Survey

By Charlie Pane, VP, Marketing, Major Account Services Open Enrollment is a year-long process and one of the most important topics for HR leaders. Moreover, once the season is complete, the process starts all over again and they start thinking about next year’s plan. With this in mind, ADP® is excited to announce the Open Enrollment Readiness Benchmark (OERB). This monthly survey gauges the readiness of HR executives for key open enrollment milestones. It is a useful tool for both HR leaders and benefits brokers to use in the planning process. For HR leaders, it is to help them understand where they are in the process against their peers and if they are ahead or behind. For benefits brokers, the data will help them notice where the red flags are and allow them to reach out to their clients to ensure they aren’t falling behind on open enrollment preparation. Below, we explain what the OERB is, how it is put together and importantly, what the most recent survey data...

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How Do You Motivate Millennials? Not with Ping-Pong Tables! (Or at least not with ping-pong tables only…)

By Jordan Birnbaum, Chief Behavioral Economist, ADP Millennials, to many employers, are an enigma. Even though the oldest of them are now in their 30s, they continue to be the generation without a clear definition – you might even say that the defining characteristic of millennials is in fact that they can’t be put neatly into a box. They’re meaning-makers. They’re experience-seekers. And now, they make up a higher proportion of the workforce than any other generation. This ineffability leaves businesses with a tough task: how do they make their workplace appeal to millennials? Eighty-five percent of companies know they need to do a better job at engaging millennials. Engagement matters because it means employees are satisfied and more likely to stay put, and it even correlates with better business results. A recent survey revealed that companies with high engagement are 21 percent more productive. Knowing this, the question becomes how to get young people to find motivation and meaning in their day-to-day. Specifically for millennials, market conditions are...

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Debunked! Newest Wage Garnishments Myths

Wage garnishments are at an all-time high. In many states, employers are becoming increasingly more liable to creditors. But many organizations still overlook wage garnishments and view them as an obscure and complex aspect of business. Because of this, many myths have developed in recent years about how to process wage garnishments, ways to remain compliant when dealing with them and the availability of useful wage garnishment data. As a follow-up to last year’s successful webinar, join our event on April 24th for insight into new wage garnishments myths and misconceptions that have developed throughout today’s business world. Using the most current wage garnishments data and trends, we will examine how electronic processes can benefit businesses and explore the various types of garnishments that affect employers and employees today. What You Will Learn New myths surrounding wage garnishments and how businesses can overcome each Different types of wage garnishments and how each one can affect both employers and employees How electronic processes can help manage wage garnishments to improve...

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ADP’s Roland Cloutier Shares Tips to Leverage Security to Grow the Business

Dark Reading, a publication focused on trends in cyber security, recently interviewed ADP’s Chief Security Officer Roland Cloutier. The article titled, “ADP CISO Offers Tips to Leverage Security to Grow the Business,” highlights why organizations must shift their perception of security from being just part of IT to being part of the company’s digital go-to-market strategy and sales approach. “Some of the steps Cloutier took included having senior-level practitioners placed in a group called the client security management officers (CSMOs), whose full-time job focused on quickly and accurately answering security questions raised by customers and potential clients about ADP’s protection of their data and funds.” “Why that is important is because this is not sales people answering security questionnaires, nor is it people in marketing. It’s a group of people who have access to the entire portfolio of our security program and can translate that to clients, give clients reports on our critical response center and be on the front end of sales opportunities with answers to security upfront,”...

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And the Winner Is… ADP Retirement Services Earns Prestigious 2017 Eddy Award for Delivering Top-Notch Employee Education Programs

Educating employees about financial wellness is a top priority for many of today’s human resources leaders. With so many workers concerned about retirement security, employers have a clear opportunity to step in and help. Whether it’s enabling employees to save more for retirement or learn about budgeting, financial education can potentially serve as another popular perk among a growing list of benefits that are helping companies attract and retain top talent. ADP Retirement Services is helping employers address this challenge through ongoing education programs. These initiatives offer clients tools and information that may help their employees better manage their finances and grow more confident in their financial futures. These efforts have earned ADP prestigious industry recognition from leading institutional investment publication Pensions & Investments® (P&I), which recently honored ADP Retirement Services with its 2017 Eddy Award for Ongoing Investment Education. Winners were announced at P&I’s annual East Coast Defined Contribution Conference in Miami, Fla. A list of award winners also can be found on the P&I website. The Eddy...

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HR Leaders Weigh-In On Top Human Capital Management Priorities and Trends

By Susan Hanold, PhD., Vice President, Strategic Advisory Services A few weeks ago at the ADP Meeting of the Minds conference, more than 1,000 HR leaders gathered in San Diego to gain insights into the latest human capital management (HCM) trends. During the educational sessions I led, I had the pleasure of interacting with decision makers at some of ADP’s largest clients. They shared their feedback on topics including performance management, learning, diversity and inclusion, multi-generational workforce trends and employee engagement. During the session titled “Transform Your Learning Culture into an Engaging Learning Ecosystem”, attendees took part in an interactive exercise answering the question: “What is the top learning priority for your organization?” The responses I received provided great insight into what’s really drawing the attention of HR practitioners today. It was interesting to find that while the top priority remained the same as last year, two new items jumped to the second and third slots. In order of importance, the top priorities are: 1) Leadership Development – For...

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Top 10 Articles to Read on Equal Pay Day

By Kimbra Fox, Vice President, Health Care Reform & Pay Equity Today is Equal Pay Day, a day that symbolizes how far into the year women must work to earn what men earned in the previous year. According to ADP Research Institute® data, on average, men make 28% more than women across all industries. And as employers focus on attracting the talent they need to succeed, expectations for greater transparency concerning equal pay for equal work are on the rise. At ADP, we realize being in a position to compete for the most qualified talent is an indispensable ingredient for long-term business success. A commitment to pay equity remains one of the best ways for a company to differentiate itself from its competitors and be a consistent winner in the war for talent. Watch our video below to see why you should start building the workforce of the future now and define your commitment to pay equity. As we take today to focus on equal pay, read our top...

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ADP Blogs: Another More Human Resource

by Andy Hilton, VP Communications, Content and Brand We spent the last year creating and building our ADP blogs, publishing new articles every day. With hundreds of posts, the blogs are becoming a great resource to learn about the problems organizations are trying to solve and the upcoming issues they want to understand. The point of our blogs is to become a reliable resource for anyone wanting to explore what is going on with business, people, technology, and work. We hope to start a bigger conversation and connect with people in ways that are more about you and less about us. Here is a little about each of ADP’s blogs. Thrive is for small to medium sized business owners. Thrive focuses on practical information and advice for managing people, maximizing profits, handling operations, marketing and sales, protecting your business, and overall business strategies. Recent articles discuss the right time to launch a business, whether to move to a new location, and how getting involved in your community can also...

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The Client Buzz From ADP Meeting of the Minds 2017

Every year as ADP® MOTM wraps up, I wonder how we’re going to top such a great event the following year. But somehow we usually do! Many of the HR leaders I spoke with at this year’s event have been attending anywhere from five to 10 years now. So what draws them back every year? According to Susan Young, Payroll Director at Southwestern Energy®, it’s the opportunity to learn more about ADP solutions she’s using and new products, as well to develop deeper relationships with ADP team members. Showcasing product innovations at the ADP Booth staffed by 32 ADP associates “My favorite part is meeting other people attending the conference and talking about our challenges,” said Young. “It’s nice to know that you are not alone. I enjoy talking to people and learning new ways to do things.” Tara Klatt, Director of HR Systems at Apogee Enterprises, agrees that building relationships with people who are using the same software and working with similar issues is a huge benefit of...

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The Growing Power of State and Local Workplace Regulations: Employer Compliance Trends, Part 1

During the past several years, state and local laws and ordinances affecting the workplace have grown. Recent legislative activity has continued to add to the growing patchwork of state and local employment laws, creating additional complexity and expense for employers. The multitude of and variances between the state and local laws to which employers are being subjected could result in significant administrative burdens and costs, including tracking legal obligations and confusion on part of employees with regard to their specific rights. What should employers be looking out for in this challenging environment? Join us on April 5th at 11am or 3pm EST for the first event in a 2-part webinar series on these state and local employment law trends and get critical insights and observations on what to expect over the coming years. During this webcast, you will learn about the challenges and the outlook of these top employment law trends: Wage and hour matters (FLSA) Paid sick leave movement Pay equity laws and EEO-1 reporting Health Care Reform...

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