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HR Consultants for Hire: ADP Now Offers Professional Services for Midsized Businesses

Between managing open enrollment and making sure key business and HR applications are integrated, HR leaders at midsized companies are often stretched thin, leaving them with little time to focus on empowering their people to drive better business results. To help lessen administrative and compliance burdens and increase optimization, ADP has debuted ADP Professional Services for ADP Workforce Now®, its integrated human capital management (HCM) platform for midsized employers. Businesses now can leverage ADP’s deep expertise in HR technology and processes when they need additional help with important initiatives from process optimization and compliance management to acceleration of system implementation and integrations. ADP Professional Services are ideal for ADP Workforce Now users who want in-depth guidance or additional people power. They’re designed to help clients better understand their technology and make better use of limited resources. They also help organizations that need live expertise, want in-depth support for a specific initiative, or need tailored support on an ongoing basis. “Having great HR technology isn’t enough if you aren’t making...

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Paid Leave is Picking Up Steam

Though not required by law, an increasing number of U.S. employers are starting to take matters into their own hands when it comes to paid parental leave benefits. In December, Fortune reported that American Express joined the ranks of U.S. companies like Google and Bank of America that are sweetening their parental leave and benefits policies. Amex will give employees 20 weeks of parental leave and offer benefits worth up to $35,000 for adoption and surrogacy events, as well as $35,000 for infertility treatment. If your company is planning to create or update a paid parental leave program there are several factors to consider. Sushma Tripathi, vice president of workforce planning and benefits consulting at ADP says it’s important to align talent to the corporate strategy, then align benefits. This way, businesses will see better financial performance. To read more about Tripathi’s insights on the topic, check out this article in Talent Economy, “10 Steps To Create a Paid Parental Leave Policy”. Share this:Click to email (Opens in new...

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Got Grit? Take a Tip From Maria Black on Thrive Global

Thrive Global published an article by Maria Black, President, Small Business Solutions and Human Resources Outsourcing,titled “Got Grit?,” on the importance of courage, resolve and strength of character in life and work. “What is ‘grit’ and why is it important in life and work? … As a leader, it’s important to cultivate grit. The idea isn’t to have roles in an organization so tough that they require grit, but rather provide proactive tools and training to develop and nurture it.” Read the entire article at Thrive Global. Share this:Click to email (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Google+ (Opens in new window)Share on Facebook (Opens in new...

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BenefitsPro Shares ADP’s 6 Compliance Issues to Watch

BenefitsPro published an article by Vic Saliterman, senior vice president, ADP® Health Care Reform,titled “6 compliance issues to watch for in 2017,” which explores the potential impact of possible changes in the New Year to federal and state human resources and health compliance laws. “Organizations already are grappling with an uncertain legislative and regulatory landscape. And as the New Year gets closer, possible changes to federal and state human resources and health compliance laws are looming large. There’s uncertainty around potential changes to healthcare systems, tax regulation and employment law, as well as the constant vigil that’s under way to see what decisions the incoming Trump administration will make – and their impact.” Read the entire article at BenefitsPro. Share this:Click to email (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Google+ (Opens in new window)Share on Facebook (Opens in new...

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TechTarget Features ADP Marketplace — “HCM marketplace spurs choice and eases integration of applications.”

TechTarget recently caught up with ADP client Tracy Hannuksela from Landau Associates and Don Weinstein, Chief Strategy Officer, ADP to highlight the value of ADP Marketplace, a cloud-based store featuring HR applications, for HR leaders. ADP has seen a 500% increase in visits to its HCM marketplace this year and the number of customers who are integrating apps from ADP Marketplace has increased by more than 200% in the last year, according to Don Weinstein, chief strategy officer of ADP. The ADP Marketplace has been about shifting the way the HR industry as a whole thinks about workforce management technology, Weinstein added. He said it was the first platform dedicated to HCM applications. “We have made discovering and buying HCM solutions as easy as going to the app store on your personal cellphone and pressing download,” he stated. “It is a lot of work to look for vendors and vet the vendors,” Hannuksela said. “This is simple. It cuts so much time and effort out of it.” To read...

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Let’s Talk About the Power of Real Income

by Misha Ghosh, VP Corporate Development/Big Data, ADP Remember the TV commercial a few years back that described what happens when the world of chocolate and the world of peanut butter are suddenly blended together? That’s right! The iconic chocolate peanut butter cup was formed! Okay, fast forward to the present – and the worlds of payroll and real estate. What if there was a way to use aggregated payroll income data to help create accurate insights for real estate decisions, property evaluations, and economic research? The good news is there is – with ADP’s Real Income interactive mapping tool. Here’s why this new and exciting, easy-to-use, online, cloud-based solution is important. Income data is big data Income is a leading indicator that is used to make informed business decisions in financial services and commercial and residential real estate – and the leading source of income data comes from paychecks. ADP is the leading U.S. provider of payroll checks – processing the pay for more than 28 million workers....

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Expanded Benchmarking Capabilities Give Companies Even More Insights To Fine Tune Their Workforce Strategy and Operations

You need to make a competitive offer to a job candidate in New York City while figuring out why overtime rates are rising in the Chicago office. In the past, you’d have to rely on out-of-date survey data to help perform this analysis. Today, the benchmarking data you need to make better workforce decisions is right at your fingertips, thanks to ADP’s expanded benchmarking innovation. Benchmarking, powered by the ADP® DataCloud provides HR and business leaders with “decision-quality” insights from ADP Big Data. Organizations have the ability to compare their company’s data with current industry-based data on compensation, measures of workforce change, such as turnover and retention, as well as workforce demographics. Time and labor benchmarks, such as market-based absence and overtime rates, are also now available to clients on multiple ADP HCM platforms. The new time benchmarks allow companies to compare their overtime and absence rates with industry peers to better understand their competitiveness — and align their workforce management with industry standards and best practices. “Absence and...

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CNN Money Highlights ADP Research Institute Data

CNN Money recently quoted Ahu Yildirmaz, vice president and head of the ADP Research Institute, in an article titled “U.S. manufacturing job openings at 2007 levels.” Ahu discusses a shift we are seeing in the types of jobs currently available in the manufacturing industry and features data from the Q3 2016 Workforce Vitality Report. In a recent interview Ahu stated: “When we look at our data we see that proportionally more firms are paying on average higher hourly wages. This reflects the overall wage increase in manufacturing, however, it also implies more firms have high skilled, high wage jobs. For example, in 2008, 50% of firms paying more than $25 per hour on average. Today, that number increased to 70%.” With increases in automation, the manufacturing industry has a high demand for high-skill, high wage jobs. This shift also highlights a need for increased training to ensure workers have the skills to fill the openings in the sector. Think this is interesting? Learn more data-driven insights about today’s workforce...

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Research-Driven Insights for an Engaged Workforce

ADP’s webcast – “Talent Engagement and Retention – There’s Science Behind It!” – was a big hit and now you can listen to the on-demand version. Five important findings and insights, based on research-backed data about the strategic underscoring of the importance of employee engagement in the workplace, emerged from the webcast: 1) Employee engagement is a quantifiable measure of commitment that an individual feels toward an organization. 2) Despite its importance, in many businesses employee engagement is lacking – less than 33% of U.S. employees are engaged, according to a Gallup poll.1 3) Ensuring development opportunities is critical to drive engagement. ADP’s 2016 Employee Engagement Study reveals that more than nine out of 10 engaged employees are likely to stay at their organization if they have different growth opportunities, as compared to only six out of 10 unengaged employees.2 4) Frequent praise and recognition, through formal and informal measures, from managers, peers and colleagues, are critical to drive engagement. ADP® research shows that unengaged employees are 4.5 times...

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Smallbizdaily features ADP Advice in Entrepreneur Tips List

Smallbizdaily has published an article by ADP SME Brian Michaud titled “4 – Making Expert Benefits Decisions, Even When You Aren’t a Benefits Expert,” which provides tips to small business owners on how to make difficult decisions in a complex benefits landscape. The article is part of a compilation of articles titled “11 Things Entrepreneurs Need to Know.” “As the war for talent rages on, it’s getting tougher and more expensive to attract high-quality job candidates… as small businesses look for ways to set themselves apart and appeal to the most sought-after prospects, offering a robust benefits package is emerging as a differentiator. A competitive benefits package could be the valued asset that tips the scales for a desired candidate.” Check it out on Smallbizdaily! Share this:Click to email (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Google+ (Opens in new window)Share on Facebook (Opens in new...

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