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Are Your Employees In(Form)ed about Annual Reporting?

By Mary Schafer Help Quell Calls and Confusion with Effective Communications Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Applicable Large Employers (ALEs) with 50 or more full-time, including full-time equivalent employees, are subject to the employer shared responsibility provision and related IRS reporting requirements. This includes filing Forms 1094-C and 1095-C with the IRS, and sending the Form 1095-C to their employees, to report information about the health insurance coverage offered under their employer-sponsored plans for the 2016 tax year annual reporting. So, as a large employer, you’ve likely made it through your first year of annual health care reporting and are starting the process all over again. Since this is only the second year your full-time employees will receive a Form 1095-C, a communications plan is key to your success. At a recent ADP webinar, when asked if they felt their company was ready to issue Forms1095-C to their employees by January 31, 2017, only 7-9% of respondents felt they were extremely prepared. While recently the IRS extended the...

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ADP Marketplace Partner – Deputy – Makes List of 20 Best Business Mobile Apps of 2016

The Register-Guard out of Eugene, Oregon recently put a list together of “20 Best Business Mobile Apps for 2016.” The list covers everything from human resources to data management to communication. Deputy, an ADP Marketplace partner that simplifies scheduling, timesheets, tasking and other employee communication, was included it that list! Deputy and ADP recently announced a partnership to include real-time employee sync and payroll capabilities for ADP RUN and Workforce Now Clients, available exclusively on ADP Marketplace. Deputy’s intuitive app supports AWESOME MOBILE FEATURES such as shift swapping, employee availability to manager, schedule swapping and mobile punch in/punch out with geofencing to gate ‘buddy punching.’ “Companies entrust many service providers to support various aspects of their HR and business operations, and through the ADP Marketplace we’re delivering them an intuitive platform to alleviate many management complexities,” said Don Weinstein, chief strategy officer, ADP. “With this new integration, Deputy’s customers can now sign into one single platform where they can access workforce data, integrate other HCM applications through secure cloud...

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The Learning Ecosystem’s Evolving – Here Are Three Things to Consider

By Susan Hanold, Vice President, Strategic Advisory Services – Talent Management at ADP More than 300 chief learning officers and HR leaders recently descended on Dallas to attend the fourth annual Corporate Learning Week Conference, where leading practitioners shared inspirational stories of learning and development (L&D) leadership, innovation, growth and transformation, and best practices. As moderator and panel participant of the session “The Transformed Learning Ecosystem”, the discussion revolved around how to keep pace with the speed of organizational change and ways to develop L&D initiatives in the age of digital disruption and new learning expectations. ADP’s Susan Hanold moderated the panel “The Transformed Learning Ecosystem,” at the Corporate Learning Week Conference Below are some of the key questions we addressed: How do I deal with information overload? With infinite information available online and the ability to search online for virtually anything today, it’s becoming harder and harder to determine content that is relevant to employees and ways to measure that. As such, there’s been a large-scale shift to...

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Court Blocks Start For New Overtime Rules

On November 22, 2016, a judge in a U.S. District Court temporarily blocked the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) overtime rules set to go into effect on December 1, 2016. In an article titled, “Court Blocks Dec. 1 Start For OT Rules”, Sushma Tripathi, ADP’s vice president for workforce planning and benefits consulting, advises companies to continue evaluating their employees’ status under the new rule despite the injunction. “The FSLA (Fair Labor Standards Act) is complex to begin with, so while the rule is delayed, employers should still continue to evaluate the status of their employees by reviewing their jobs’ duties and descriptions and making sure they have employees classified correctly,” said Tripathi. Head to The Record to read the whole story. Share this:Click to email (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Google+ (Opens in new window)Share on Facebook (Opens in new...

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Don’t Walk. RUN to the Newest Small Business HR Tool

By Alex Quevedo, Senior Vice President for ADP Insurance Services The average day in the life of a business owner is busy. Like the head coach of a professional football team, there is a lot to manage for even the most resilient entrepreneur. Coaches deal with game planning, personnel issues, game day logistics, play calling, and travel schedules. Whether you’re managing and distributing work schedules, processing payroll, tracking inventory, establishing pricing, or devising loyalty programs and sales promotions, managing these duties can feel like preparing for the championship game against the best team in the league. ADP’s RUN Powered by ADP® (RUN) platform is designed to help small business owners save time on payroll and other human resource (HR) tasks so they can focus on what matters most, their business. Since handling business insurance and employee health benefits can take up a lot of a business owner’s time, we have rolled out an enhancement to RUN that makes it even easier for our clients to manage them. Clients using...

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FLSA Overtime Rules Temporarily Blocked

FLSA Changes No Longer Effective December 1, 2016 On November 22, 2016, a federal judge in Texas issued an injunction and temporarily blocked changes to the regulations governing the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) set to go into effect on December 1, 2016. The court’s action stops the overtime rule changes from going into effect nationwide while the court decides the case. So what does this mean for you? Many employers have spent months preparing for the FLSA changes, identifying workers affected by the final regulations, determining whether to increase their salaries to comply or reclassify them as nonexempt employees, and communicating those changes to their employees. Read the latest Eye on Washington for vital information that can help you understand the impact to your business. Stay current on the latest legislative and regulatory updates and trends by subscribing to Eye on Washington at the bottom of the page here. Share this:Click to email (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on...

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Payroll: The Accountant’s Key to Unlocking Stronger Client Relationships

By Chris Rush, Division Vice President of Strategy and Business Development for ADP’s Small Business Services Division To many clients or small business owners, payroll can seem like yet another piece of an already complicated puzzle. Recent changes to federal, state and local laws on overtime rules, minimum wage and paid sick leave have made this task even more complicated, increasing the risk of noncompliance fines for employers. As they adapt to regulatory changes and anticipate more in the future, small businesses are looking to their accountants to manage the payroll process. And that’s good news. In fact, according to a recent ADP white paper, 43 percent of accounting professionals indicate that payroll is one of the most profitable segments of their business. By adding payroll services to an existing suite of accounting options, accountants can meet the demand of clients who want to better understand their payroll and how they can streamline it. At the same time, payroll can open up new opportunities, allowing accountants to increase the...

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To Review or Not to Review. That is Not the Question.

By Susan Hanold, VP of Talent Management and Strategic Advisory Services, and Sam Finley, VP of Talent Management Client Services, for ADP Certainly, Shakespeare’s Hamlet was contemplating a question far more dire than performance reviews. But the black-and-white nature of his question is still an apt way to depict the current debate in many corporations about the value, frequency and validity of the process used to rate, rank and reward employees. The issue, in our view, is not black and white. It’s most definitely grey. In fact, based on dozens of conversations with ADP® clients, we’d like to suggest that the question is not whether or not to review employees. (That’s an individual decision each company must make based on its unique corporate culture.) The question is: How will your organization revise its talent management strategy to accommodate the needs of today’s multi-faceted workforce? HR leaders are keen to identify a “better,” more effective way to conduct performance reviews while preserving an ability to cultivate and retain their best...

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The Clock Is Ticking… New Overtime Rules Are Almost Here

New overtime rules are about to take effect on December 1. At this point in the game, most companies understand that the salary threshold for exempt workers has more than doubled to $47,476, and they’ve decided whether to reclassify employees as nonexempt, increase salaries of impacted employees, or redistribute work and redefine people’s roles. The biggest challenge remaining: Communicating the changes to employees. In an article titled, “New Overtime Rules Are Almost Here: Don’t Overlook These 6 Key Areas,” ADP’s Sushma Tripathi shared with SHRM six key areas that may be easy to overlook. Head to SHRM to read the whole story. Share this:Click to email (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Google+ (Opens in new window)Share on Facebook (Opens in new...

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Small Biz is Everybody’s Biz

All too often, we take local shops in our communities for granted and only realize their value when one day we notice they’ve closed their doors. Were it not for the dedication, passion and commitment of today’s small business owners and their families, the warm feel of downtown areas would be lost forever. Small businesses also create a significant number of job opportunities and boost the economy of their communities. Did you know that small business owners alone added more than 680,000 jobs to the U.S. economy so far this year, according to data from the ADP Research Institute®? In addition, the most recent report from the Small Business Administration published in June 2015 showed that small businesses with up to 49 employees contributed the most to job growth in 2014 by generating 39 percent of net new jobs. This compares to 34 percent by firms with 50-499 employees and 27 percent by firms with 500 or more workers. It takes long hours, tremendous commitment, and incredible tenacity to...

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