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Partnering with a more human resource

Celebrating National Payroll Week

At ADP, payroll is nothing new – in fact, it’s something we’ve been helping clients with for over 60 years. And as ADP has evolved, so has the world of payroll. As National Payroll Week comes to a close, it’s a good time to reflect on these changes and see how payroll has become a cornerstone of Human Capital Management (HCM). Hiring your First Employee? Step One: Learn Payroll The truth is most business owners have to do payroll – and unlike ADP, they certainly didn’t go into business because they wanted to do payroll. Increasingly though, getting payroll right is the same as doing good business – for example, wage garnishments represent a risk to employers if not done correctly. For small business owners, this can be a particularly difficult challenge. Visit our Thrive blog, Entrepreneurial Ventures: 3 Founders Tell Their Stories, for inspiration from business leaders on why they went into business. Step Two: Know Your Workforce The workforce is changing as well and while strategies such...

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Why Empowering End Users Is Good For Business

By Scott Groenendal, ADP Senior Director of Product Marketing You might think that linking user experience to the success of your business is a leap. I beg to differ. When employees are empowered with self-service HR tools and a customized user experience, they save time, are more engaged and become more productive. Think about it. What do your employees care about? They want the power to manage their careers, schedule time off, access their payroll information, and easily make benefits selections without depending on someone else to answer their HR questions. They want self-service tools that enable them to take action on their own. This is especially true for employees of multinational corporations. How frustrating would it be to have to call an HR help desk or call center where you may experience time zone, language and other cultural barriers that make it even harder to get your HR questions answered? Today’s global workforce doesn’t want to deal with an intermediary to get answers. They want interactive and visually...

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Then and Now: Evolution Comes in Waves for HR Technology

Long before cloud computing and mobile apps, HR was consistently inundated with piles of paperwork. But with the evolution of HR technology influenced by the internet, recruitment, record keeping and payroll responsibilities have become drastically simplified, efficient and accurate. Jerome Gouvernel, Vice President for ADP’s Product Incubation Group located in Innovation Labs, explains how HR technology has grown from the dawn of the internet to today and gives us a look into the future. Q: How has the evolution of HR technology changed since before the internet? A: How has it not changed? The advancement of HR technology created a fundamental shift from the purpose of transactional recording. When the ADPs and PeopleSofts [of the world] started coming out and being successful, it was really about recording transactions in a standardized manner. Which at the time was revolutionary, because there was actually no way to standardize a new hire. There was no single place where you could transmit information about a new hire. There were multiple systems or a...

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ACA Best Practices: Avoiding IRS penalties – Why Acting Now Can Save You Penalty Dollars Later

Your Forms 1095-C are likely filed and will now be used by the IRS to assess penalties for failing to comply with the Employer Shared Responsibility mandate of the ACA. That’s one MAJOR penalty opportunity scratched off the list. But before you see that assessment, there is a trigger happening now that can alert you to a potential problem: a Marketplace Notice. Early intervention is key when it comes to Marketplace Notices. The sooner you respond, the better chance you have of minimizing their impact. When you receive a Marketplace Notice, it can be concerning – and rightly so knowing they can lead to paperwork and fines depending on the health coverage offered to your full-time employees. If you understand the implications of receiving a notice, you can be ready to handle the situation in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. But first things first: do you know what this notice is? Will your locations know it if they receive one? And what should you do with it?...

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From Hire to Retire to Compliance? ADP’s CFO on Why Compliance Has Never Been More Important

If it seems like there are a lot of new regulations lately, you’re right. Last year alone, the U.S. Federal Register logged 3,378 final rules and regulations, from the IRS, FLSA and DOL. And many of these regulations impact businesses – and specifically touch at least one aspect of the “hire-to-retire” spectrum. In other words, if your job description includes payroll tax, employment verification services, wage garnishments or benefits administration, your job description should also include compliance. Despite the increasing volume of regulations and potential impact on businesses, there is still a lack of action, and in some cases, understanding, on what needs to be done to comply. Consider these stats: According to ADP research, only 25 percent of small businesses and 50 percent of midsized business are aware of new federal overtime requirements, which are currently set to go into effect on December 1, 2016 via FLSA. For ACA, the ADP Employer Confidence Report found that more than half of midsized companies (52%) and nearly half of large...

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Winning the War for Talent: BDG CPAs Shares their Challenge – and Their Insight

“You feel that, when your head hits the pillow, you’re doing the best by your employees.” –Neil Della Torre, Founding Partner, BDG CPAs. The accounting profession, like many industries, is currently undergoing a “workforce revolution” where many in firm leadership are taking a close look at their culture and employee engagement techniques. Why? Because they recognize the critical need to combat an industry talent shortage driven by a steady stream of retiring Baby Boomers exiting the accounting business. To fill the void, CPA firms like Becher, Della Torre, Gitto & Company are looking to attract Millennial talent. But we are seeing that the priorities and values most important to this rapidly changing workforce have shifted substantially. Specifically, the demands of Millennial employees have moved away from high salaries to priorities such as work/life balance and benefits that are offered. “Our firm model is to recruit students that could go with a ‘Big Four’ firm. ADP TotalSource® makes our firm more competitive in the market place for staff accountants as...

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Payroll as Pain vs. Payroll as Pleasure: A Chat with Andrews and Company

Ask any business owner and you may find that one of the first things they did when starting their business was retain the services of an accountant. Such a partner isn’t there just to help with taxes, but to serve as a trusted advisor who can provide solid advice on managing cash flow, planning for growth, assessing risk and, in many cases, helping with payroll and other HR activities. Because of the advisory nature of their relationship with clients, accountants today have a lot more on their plates than they ever did before. In fact, with the onset of the Affordable Care Act, recent changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act, and ever-changing payroll regulations, I’m seeing that many more small to midsized accounting firms (with five to 15 employees) are thinking about referring out their payroll business or stepping away from offering payroll services completely. The reasons they’re citing? Lack of time and the complexities of keeping up with payroll tax changes and other related compliance issues. Accountant...

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ADP Makes Selling Power’s 50 Best Companies to Sell For – 2016 List

At ADP, we always talk about how we can help enable “a more human resource.” Of course, this statement is intended to be the guidepost for how we interact with our clients day in and day out. Every part of that interaction is important, but one could argue that a client’s first impression of working with ADP is one of the most meaningful indicators of their future relationship with us – and that relationship most often starts with the ADP salesforce. So naturally, ADP views our salesforce as an integral part of how we deliver value to every new prospect and client. Not only that, it makes being in sales at ADP a rewarding experience. Clients of all sizes want a company they can trust to take care of their people and deliver market-leading solutions, like the ones ADP is known for worldwide. That’s what our sales teams bring to the table. Today, I’m pleased to share that ADP was selected for inclusion in the ultimate “best place to...

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ADP Recognized as a Leader in Recruitment Process Outsourcing

NelsonHall, a global business process outsourcing analyst firm, has named ADP as a leading recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) provider for the second consecutive year. ADP RPO is a complete outsourced solution designed to help clients reduce the burdens of managing their recruitment process by providing innovative, scalable solutions and sourcing strategies. ADP RPO has been recognized as a leader across all categories, including: Overall RPO Provider, Candidate Focus, Talent Management Focus and Global/Multi-Country Focus. NelsonHall also highlights the comprehensiveness of ADP’s RPO offering, as well as ADP’s global presence, scalability and agility to meet business demands, and its ability to help clients improve performance results, such as with the quality of hires. “We’re proud to be recognized as a leading RPO provider helping clients attract, manage and retain top talent worldwide,” said Dave Imbrogno, President, National Account Services. “As the job market continues to accelerate, companies need help finding and recruiting the best candidates, as well as retaining top-performing employees to help their businesses succeed. We understand these challenges...

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Everest Report Has ADP Beaming with Benefits Pride

Benefits administration is enormously complex. A successful enrollment requires surgical precision and careful coordination of multiple sources of data from multiple systems. Organizations need to understand hundreds of intricate eligibility and enrollment rules and infinite combinations of rate structures to successfully manage the daily events that are today’s Benefits offerings. Getting it wrong creates exposure to financial and compliance risk, and now, more than ever, employee dissatisfaction. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) in particular has brought continued focus on the complexities of managing Benefits, leading many businesses to seek outside expertise. In addition, as organizations look for a competitive edge, offering a broader and more varied array of Health, Wellness, Financial and Lifestyle Benefits is emerging as away to attract and retain the best talent. The additional complexity caused by the increased number of Benefit offerings and the associated burden of connecting to multiple carriers and reconciling deductions to payroll has driven the increased interest in Benefits Administration Outsourcing (BAO). According to the Everest Group’s Anil Vijayan, the BAO...

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