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ADP celebrates National Payroll Week!

For 22 years now, National Payroll Week has accompanied Labor Day to celebrate over 150 million hard-working Americans and the payroll professionals who get them their wages. Also for 22 years, ADP is proud to be the sole Diamond Sponsor of National Payroll Week. Founded by the American Payroll Association (APA), the week has unswervingly focused on one goal: to help workers better understand and manage their pay. Eight percent of workers reported last year that they were not certain if their paychecks were the correct amount. Another 22 percent were only somewhat certain. And payroll professionals’ work goes beyond wages too. American workers’ social security, Medicare, child support and other benefits are tied into the same system. The APA is dedicated to ensuring workers understand their whole paycheck, including the impact of different benefits and withholdings, and ADP is committed to help. This September 4-8, 2017, local APA will host presentations for schools, civic groups and others to spread understanding of the payroll system and its benefits. ADP...

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City of Waycross: All-in-One Solution and Data Analytics from ADP Solve Efficiency Issues  

The city of Waycross, located in Ware County, Georgia, employs approximately 205 employees across many diverse departments, including public safety, engineering, public works and even a local television station. As a governmental unit, the city needs to be cost efficient in the way in which it operates and stays compliant with applicable federal, state and local regulation. Trinija Martin, Director of HR & Risk Management and Public Information Officer for the City of Waycross started working with the city in 2015 and found that the systems in place at the time were limited and outdated, requiring plenty of manual processes to complete routine tasks. Of all the prospective partners that Martin looked at, ADP impressed her the most. “ADP was the only company at that time that had a single-source solution that wasn’t backed by any other solution,” Martin said. “It truly was a total ADP solution. Some of the other vendors that I looked at partnered with ADP to deliver what I wanted, but they were still separate...

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USA Today Network Features ADP on Workplace Flexibility

The Journal News, a publication within the USA Today Network, has published a feature story titled, “IBM bucks trend, calls remote workers back as tech changes.” It explores the changing role of work and how remote/flexible working polices play a part. Within the article, ADP executives discuss the growing demand for talent, increased job switching, and the challenges employers now face as they work to create a flexible workplace that is appealing to top talent. The article also references the ADP Workforce Vitality report, sharing that about 63 percent of the U.S. workforce was interested in looking for a new job as the economy boomed this year. Additionally, job switching reached an all-time high at 27 percent of employees making a move over the past year. Read the full article on flexible work trends here. To read more articles on flexibility trends in the workforce, visit ADP’s Spark blog. Share this:Click to email (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn...

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Workplace Compliance Spotlight: Health and Welfare Plan Checkup

Health and welfare programs are core building blocks of your business. When is the last time you thought about reviewing your health and welfare plan administration from beginning to end? Have you updated your plan document to reflect how you operate your plan? As organizations focus on keeping up to date with ever changing compliance and reporting obligations such as the Affordable Care Act, it is easy to overlook basic, core plan administration compliance. An end-to-end plan administration review may seem overwhelming. However, by focusing on the more common areas that may become out of sync with plan operation, an organization can avoid some of the major compliance pitfalls. Watch our second installment in our Workplace Compliance Spotlight webcast series and get critical insights and best practices on health and welfare plan compliance, such as: How plan documents might need to be updated to reflect actual operations; The most common cafeteria plan issues and how to avoid them; and How to avoid costly COBRA continuation non-compliance. ADP remains at...

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ADP SmartCompliance® and ADP® Benefits are Now on SAP® App Center

ADP SmartCompliance® and ADP® Benefits are now accessible on the SAP® App Center, the redesigned and consolidated digital marketplace for SAP partner offerings. The SAP App Center provides clients with access to more than 1,300 innovative partner solutions that complement and extend their SAP solutions, enabling digital transformation of their business. Specifically, SAP customers can learn more about ADP SmartCompliance solutions for employment tax, tax credits, wage garnishments and wage payments. ADP Benefits solutions for health and welfare administration, dependent verification, communication services and call center support, as well as total absence management, which provides support for leave administration, are also featured. “We are excited to have ADP SmartCompliance and ADP Benefits listed on SAP App Center. This allows SAP customers to discover these essential HR compliance solutions at a one-stop destination,” said Lori McNally, global vice president, SAP SuccessFactors Ecosystems. “With this announcement, SAP SuccessFactors is committed to making it easier for our customers to address compliance requirements and reduce risk.” “ADP is making it easier for SAP...

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Overtime Rules: Where Are They Now?

May 2016, the Department of Labor (DOL) released a Final Rule that would have increased the minimum salary required to be exempt from overtime under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). However, just before the rule was to take effect, a federal judge temporarily blocked the DOL from implementing the rule. Here is an overview and update on the status of the Final Rule: Background: The FLSA requires employers to pay most employees at least the federal minimum wage for each hour worked and overtime pay for all hours worked over 40 in a workweek. The FLSA allows for exemptions for certain employees who work in administrative, professional, executive, highly compensated, outside sales, and computer professional jobs. These employees are known as “exempt” employees. To be considered “exempt,” these employees must generally satisfy three tests: Salary-level test: Employees must earn a weekly salary that meets the minimum requirements. Salary-basis test: With very limited exceptions, the employer must pay employees their full salary in any week they perform work, regardless...

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Enterprise Times Covers ADP Alliance With The Hackett Group

ADP and The Hackett Group have announced a strengthening of their partnership around HCM. The announcement shares how new clients of ADP Workforce Now are given access to some of The Hackett Group’s knowledge base. This includes benchmarking tools, metrics, best practices, research and performance studies. ADP Workforce Now is aimed at companies of between 150 and 999 employees. The agreement extends the current relationship with The Hackett Group to offer best practice consultancy services to customers of ADP Vantage HCM. Harry Osle, The Hackett Group Global HR Advisory Practice leader commented: “Our research has proven that technology is only one part of achieving world-class HR performance. It takes a balanced focus on people, processes, technology and information to achieve world-class performance. This expanded alliance will enable new ADP Workforce Now clients to begin their implementation efforts with a clear understanding of where their greatest opportunities for improvement are, and how they can address them. It will also provide this unique insight to the ADP implementation team, allowing them...

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A Welcome Return to ADP Eases Compliance, HR Burdens for Epitec

Back in the early 2000s, Epitec, the national IT engineering and professional staffing firm based in Detroit, decided to part ways with ADP. Epitec was in the midst of a growth spurt and was seeking a payroll solution that could integrate with its expanding employee benefits platform. When we went to other competitors from a payroll standpoint, they were not able to deliver on the integration,” said Mark Ruma, the company’s chief architect of growth (and chief operating officer). “They weren’t able to deliver on the integration within their own system or the integration with our system. With the other payroll companies, it was not flawless. It was flawed.” So Epitec took another look at ADP. “The exciting part was that we could keep our custom software and integrate it with ADP’s payroll and it was all seamless,” Ruma said. “Because ADP has a system that is fully integrated with ours, the reporting has been an invaluable feature.” Read Epitec’s full story about their happy return to ADP. Share...

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Forbes interview: Stuart Sackman Re-Thinks Innovation As The Head Of Product And Technology At ADP

Forbes published an interview with ADP’s Stuart Sackman, CVP, Global Product and Technology, discussing the evolution of the company’s products and the methods of delivering them to an increasingly technology savvy customer base. Says Sackman, “Our Research and Development team has gone through an agile transformation that allows us to keep up with the pace of technology, surpass competitors, and deliver solutions more quickly. We integrated R&D with Infrastructure to minimize the baton toss that happens in other companies.” Sackman also discusses Lifion, the innovation lab in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, 15 miles east of the company’s Roseland, New Jersey headquarters. Sackman explains the rationale behind the branding of the division, the advantages of its geography, its path forward, and a variety of other topics in this interview. Visit Forbes to read the full interview here. Or, listen to the unabridged audio version of the interview. Share this:Click to email (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in...

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SHRM: HR Takes a Holistic Approach to Designing Employee Wellness Programs

SHRM just published a new article, Employers Take Wellness to a Higher Level that reported on the expanding mission of HR, and how companies are taking their responsibility for employee wellness further than ever before. Wellness programs have been a part of HR’s mission since the 1970s. Today, these programs are popular and growing: More than 9 in 10 organizations surveyed by the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans (IFEBP) offer at least one kind of wellness benefit. More than 3 in 5 have wellness budgets, with more than half expecting those budgets to increase in the next two years, the IFEBP report found. However, as Chris Ryan, Vice President of Strategic Advisory Services at ADP states in this comprehensive piece, employers must be cognizant of the various needs of employees at different life stages. While there are now more single employees than married ones in the workforce, Ryan said unmarried workers also have obligations that warrant paid time off and flexibility. To learn more about this holistic approach...

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