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Tax Reform and the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC): What’s Happening Now?

On November 2, 2017, House Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan introduced tax reform legislation, H.R. Bill 1, the Tax Cut and Jobs Act. Within this draft bill, numerous programs are listed for repeal, including the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) program (in section 3404). While no one knows the future, one thing is certain: the story is far from over. Here is an overview of the WOTC program and what you can expect next. What is WOTC? WOTC is available to eligible employers who hire and retain certain veterans and people from other target groups who have historically been viewed as facing significant barriers to employment. Businesses can claim tax credits, up to a maximum of $9,600 per eligible employee, depending on the target group eligibility of the person hired and the number of hours worked at the new employer. The WOTC program began on October 1, 1996 and has endured the test of time through several expirations and renewals by...

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Heritage Bank: Managing Growth with a Single, Integrated Platform

Founded in 1927, Heritage Bank, a leading community bank in the Pacific Northwest, is focused on helping its customers build their dreams in their local communities. Shannon Carson, assistant vice president and human resource information system (HRIS) officer for Heritage Bank, joined the company 12 years ago when the bank had about 150 employees. By 2014, as a result of mergers, acquisitions and organic growth, the employee base grew to about 800. Carson discusses the growing pains that accompanied that rapid growth, particularly around trying to scale employee processes and engagement, and how ADP Workforce Now® helped address those challenges. “When we do hire great employees, we don’t want to lose them. With ADP Workforce Now, we’re able to identify patterns or trends as to why people are leaving the company. We can also use that information to monitor levels of engagement.” To learn more about how Heritage Bank managed their rapid growth with a single, integrated platform from ADP, click...

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Fantasy Football & the Workplace: Is There A Flag Down on the Field?

Football season is in full swing and millions of Americans are participating in fantasy football leagues. In these leagues, individuals draft virtual teams and earn points based on how well their players do in actual games. Some fantasy football leagues involve money (participants pay entry fees and win money if their virtual teams prevail), while others don’t. With fantasy football becoming more popular, employee participation might spill over into your workplace. Here are some considerations for addressing fantasy football leagues and similar competitions. Anti-Gambling Laws: Some states have enacted laws that specifically prohibit gambling in the workplace and/or online, but these states may differ on whether fantasy sports (that involve money or something of value) are considered a form of gambling. Even in states that don’t prohibit gambling or don’t consider fantasy sports a form of gambling, employers have the right to ban fantasy leagues in the workplace. It’s a best practice to have a written policy that: Prohibits all forms of gambling in the workplace; Includes a definition...

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Workplace Compliance Spotlight: Strategies for Surviving Year End Reporting

For many employers, the year-end reporting cycle can be quite overwhelming as they prepare for year-end compliance activities such as balancing tax accounts and preparing to distribute Forms W-2, and look ahead to accommodate the many legislative and regulatory changes for 2018 and beyond. Keeping pace with all of these tasks — while remaining compliant — can be daunting. To help with these efforts, listen to the next installment in our Workplace Compliance Spotlight webcast series and get critical insights on what’s new and what’s coming next from Washington DC and the states that affect employer responsibilities, including aspects of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), unemployment insurance wage and tax reporting, W-2 reporting and payroll. During this webcast, you will learn about: How to prepare for changes to compliance requirements arising from legislation like the Affordable Care Act (ACA) What to expect in terms of legislative and regulatory changes to Unemployment Insurance wage and tax reporting, state tax withholding and W-2 reporting. What to expect from the latest trends...

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Take the Pain and Peril Out of Managing Service Industry Wages

So, by a show of hands, how many of us waited tables, washed dishes, or worked in an hourly job where the tips we earned helped us make our car payment? As managing tips becomes a growing problem for service industries like restaurants, spas, and salons, it continues to top the list of employee concerns over the accurate allocation of the income and the sometimes perilous practice of leaving a job site carrying a wad of cash. ADP® and Gratuity Solutions® have helped solve this problem with an innovative and creative new solution called Instant TIPS. By integrating the capabilities of ADP’s existing paycard offering, the ALINE Card by ADP®, with Gratuity Solutions’ seamless integration with leading Point of Sale (POS) systems, the two companies are offering employers and employees a secure alternative to cash payments and a faster way to receive tips paid from card payments. “We understand that choosing an accurate and efficient method of tip management can be crucial to the success of today’s service industry...

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It’s Officially Holiday Season: 8 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Seasonal Employees

With winter approaching, employers in certain industries may need to hire temporary employees to help handle seasonal increases in demand. Even though seasonal employees are by definition short-term hires, cutting corners during the onboarding process can lead to long-term headaches. When hiring seasonal employees, avoid these top mistakes: #1: Waiting too long. Start early by assessing business needs and determining the number of seasonal workers you will need. Work with supervisors to make sure adequate staff will be in place and establish a plan for utilizing the additional help. #2: Relaxing hiring standards. The ramifications of a bad hire, whether temporary or full-time, can be significant. Prior to recruiting for an open position, write/review/update a job description for the position and establish the job-related criteria you will use to make your hiring decision. Vet each candidate carefully, with attention given to employment applications, resumes, interviews, references, and background checks, where applicable. Taking the time to look for quality workers can also benefit you in the future, since you’ll have...

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Helping KIPP Houston Public Schools Spend More Time on What Matters

KIPP Houston Public Schools has a mission with a heart the size of Texas – to help underprivileged students get to and through college. With 28 schools in Houston alone, they currently staff over 1,700 employees, many of them teachers. To support these teachers and the rest of the KIPP staff is a team of 25 HR and payroll professionals, led by Chief Talent Officer, Chuck Fimble. Together, the ADP team and KIPP team worked to identify and implement solutions for their struggles. They began enhancing and automating processes one by one, from payroll to benefits to time and labor. To reduce the risk of errors regarding employee information, KIPP implemented the self-service feature within ADP Workforce Now®. Employees could now control and access their own information, which not only increased accuracy but reduced time and labor for the HR team. Say Chuck Fimble, “At the end of the day, ADP allows us to focus on what really matters in our day-to-day lives. I don’t have to spend a...

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Put Your Plan in Place: Disaster Readiness Checklist

When natural disaster strikes your organization, it’s important to have a plan. Determine what to do if the business must close for some time. Here is a checklist of items to help you plan for the next severe storm or disaster. Choose people to monitor official evacuation and safety information – Having a source of information and chain of communication and decision making is essential, especially when there are only a few hours to prepare. Decide who makes the call to close or change scheduling – Keep in mind that employee safety is the most important consideration. Give people as much notice of schedule changes as possible – Remember that employees often will need to take care of children and other family members and have preparations to make at their homes. Be understanding when they are not available because they are concerned for the safety of their homes and families. Plan for alternate communications channels – With limited power and interrupted internet access, it’s important to advise people how...

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ADP CFO Jan Siegmund Named to Top 10 of 2017 OUTstanding Leading LGBT+ Executives List

ADP® Chief Financial Officer, Jan Siegmund, has been honored as one of the top ten 2017 OUTstanding Leading LGBT+ Executives, a list presented by the Financial Times®. The ranking recognizes Jan’s achievements in ensuring LGBT inclusion both within the workplace and externally. OUTstanding is a professional membership organization for global businesses who work directly with LGBT+ and ally leaders to promote inclusion in the workplace. Jan recently drove ADP’s participation in Cycle for the Cause®, signing up well over 100 riders to bike 275 miles which raised more than $500,000 to support the fight against HIV/AIDS. In 2006, he founded ADP Pride, ADP’s LGBT+ business resource group and currently serves as executive sponsor. ADP Pride focuses on inclusion and has specific ally programming for straight allies, which has made it the fastest growing business resource group at ADP. In 2016, Jan drove ADP’s co-signing of the HRC Business Coalition for the Equality Act and this year he introduced the adoption of LGBT+ self-identification for ADP’s U.S. associates, which will...

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Why Financial Wellness Benefits are Vital for Your Company

By Annie Pilon at DocuVital When you think about employee benefits, your mind probably goes right to medical coverage. But there are actually a lot of other valuable added employee benefits to consider, from retirement plans and disability to vision and dental coverage. If you don’t consider these added benefits to be a priority for your business, you might want to rethink that. Employee benefits are actually more important now than they ever have been before. Below are some of the reasons you should consider value added employee benefits beyond medical for your business, along with tips for implementing those benefits. Why You Should Offer Value Added Employee Benefits They Help You Attract the Best Employees According to a 2015 CareerBuilder study, 55 percent of employees consider affordable benefits to be more important than salary when job hunting. That means that more than half of potential workers out there would rather work for a company that offers comprehensive benefits than one that offers a slightly higher salary but limited...

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