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3 Ways Man and Machines Can Work in Harmony

By Janine Milne, Cornerstone: ADP Marketplace partner *This article originally appeared on ReWork, an online magazine sponsored by Cornerstone OnDemand featuring news and ideas on the future of work. Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and cognitive computing are slinking into every nook, cranny and call center of the workplace. But this is not a dystopian future where man is pitted against the evil machine. Instead, the future is much more likely to look like man and machine working in harmony—combining complementary strengths to transform business for the better. Yes, it would make a lousy sci-fi movie. But if done right, it will make for a great work environment. In some ways, the future is already here. From Siri and Alexa to self-driving cars, there is technology already capable of mimicking human behavior. Businesses have received the message loud and clear that it’s time to integrate with technology: The Deloitte Human Capital Trends 2017 report revealed that 38 percent of companies will fully implement robotics and automation in the next five...

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5 Lessons Learned from the Recent Harassment Complaints

Nondiscrimination laws require employers to maintain a work environment that is free from sexual and other types of harassment. Beyond compliance reasons, promoting a harassment-free workplace is the right thing to do and critical to maintaining a productive workforce. However, recent scandals in the media, academia, Hollywood, and Congress are indications that sexual harassment remains a significant problem in the workplace. In light of these improprieties, here are five key takeaways to help you assess your anti-harassment efforts: #1: A policy isn’t enough. While having a written anti-harassment policy is important (and even required in some jurisdictions), it will mean little if you don’t enforce it. If you observe or are put on notice that misconduct may have occurred, you have a duty to launch a prompt, impartial, and thorough investigation. Depending on the circumstances, consider whether an internal investigation is sufficient or if you need to have an outside third party conduct an impartial investigation. If an investigation reveals that harassment occurred, take immediate and appropriate corrective action...

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The Business Journals: How Small Businesses Can Compete for Talent

The Business Journals recently published a byline by Ahu Yildirmaz, co-head of the ADP Research Institute, that explores recent data from the ADP National Employment Report, highlighting how the tightening labor market is impacting small business hiring. In this article, Yildirmaz provides four tactics to help employers compete for, engage and retain the best people today in order to remain competitive in the marketplace. The first tactic is to make the work meaningful. According to the ADP Research Institute’s study Fixing the Talent Management Disconnect, the top factor impacting job consideration is the work itself. Millennials continually express their need for having a meaningful impact through their work. Read the full article to learn three more tactics to remain competitive in today’s...

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Profiles In Cybersecurity: A Discussion with Roland Cloutier, Chief Security Officer, ADP

Forbes published a profile on Roland Cloutier, Chief Security Officer at ADP, in which Cloutier discussed the role of Chief Security Information Officers. He emphasized the need for them to be business leaders, first and foremost, as cybersecurity is a key component of any business’ critical success factors. An important part of the role of the chief security officer is “to understand what a business process does,” says Cloutier. With a deep understanding of how the business moves from developing a product or a service to selling, distributing and supporting it, security officers can transform their work from putting up fire walls to assessing business process risks. Cloutier also talks about the critical role automation plays in cybersecurity. He states that the only way to successfully protect an organization today is to deploy automation and advance analytics capabilities. “Automation enables security professionals to be more successful at their jobs so they can find issues before they become a problem,” observes Cloutier. Read the entire article at...

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ADP SmartCompliance and Wage Garnishment Solutions Grab Handful of Industry Awards

ADP SmartCompliance® and its comprehensive Wage Garnishment solution recently were selected for four industry awards that highlight the value these solutions continue to deliver to ADP® clients. Best in Biz Awards honored ADP with three designations this year: Gold Product Line of the Year in the Enterprise/SMB category for ADP SmartCompliance. This award honors product lines exclusively geared to enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses or ones targeted to consumers. ADP continues to refine the user experience with ADP SmartCompliance by more fully integrating multiple systems and providing better ways for users to organize their work, assign and track vital tasks, and collaborate with co-workers. Silver Best New Version of the Year in the Enterprise/SMB for ADP Wage Garnishments. This award recognizes new versions of existing products or services that launched since January 1, 2016. ADP strives to deliver to employers and their employees consistent, accurate and compassionate wage garnishment services. The ADP Wage Garnishment solution helps balance an employer’s obligation to comply with the varying wage garnishment requirements while...

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ACA Special Edition: The Time is Now for Best Practices for Managing IRS ACA Penalties

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has begun to send out letters informing employers of their potential liability for an employer shared responsibility assessment for the 2015 calendar year. Starting in 2015, a key component of Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance for large employers involved offering affordable, minimum-value health insurance to at least 70 percent of their full-time employees or potentially being liable for a penalty. This increased to at least 95 percent for 2016 and subsequent years. You may be among the many employers who have received an exchange notification when your employees enrolled in subsidized coverage in a public exchange, but the reality of the ACA’s employer mandate is about to set in. The IRS has sent out their first round of Employer Shared Responsibility Payment notifications. So what does this mean for you? Watch our ACA Special Edition webcast and get critical insights on the implications and impact of these latest development, such as: What did the IRS announce about ACA penalties? What ACA payments are covered...

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AACOG Moves their Organization Forward with Help from ADP Workforce Now®

Alamo Area Council of Governments (AACOG), established in 1967, is a voluntary association of local governments and organizations that serves its members through planning, information and coordination activities. John Clamp, chief financial officer for AACOG, was brought into the organization in 2015 to help bring AACOG to the next level. When he joined, AACOG utilized a number of legacy systems that didn’t speak to one another and employed disjointed processes that needed to be addressed to help the organization with many of its stringent reporting requirements. From a strategic standpoint, it was imperative that AACOG unify its systems under one integrated platform for reporting purposes. AACOG decided to bring in ADP Workforce Now® as the core system, integrating payroll, benefits, time and attendance and HR on a single platform. “We’ve taken our closing process from 12 days to six days, which gives us time back to analyze what we’re doing and provide more quantitative, actionable information to our board of directors,” Clamp said. “That’s how you move an organization...

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3 Factors for Improving Employee Engagement

The problem in talent today is that we don’t focus on engagement where engagement lives: on teams and with team leaders. We’ve been so focused on managing talent that we have overlooked how to activate talent – which starts with where work is actually happening. The ADP Research Institute study Fixing the Talent Management Disconnect reveals that the number one reason people choose to leave a midsized company is due to a poor relationship with their direct manager. Further, the Gallup report, State of the American Manager estimates that 70% of variation in team performance is due to the team leader. Let’s face it, people don’t always become managers because they want to lead others. Managing a team is frequently added to one’s responsibilities as they excel at their role and progress through their career. But people who are good at their job, aren’t always good at managing others so they need to be given the tools and education on how to better lead and engage their workforce. In...

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insideBIGDATA Byline article: Why Using Reliable and Timely Big Data Will Transform the Real Estate Industry

insideBIGDATA published a byline by Misha Ghosh, GM & DVP, ADP Ventures, Big Data titled, “Why Using Reliable and Timely Big Data Will Transform the Real Estate Industry.” The byline discusses the importance of timely and accurate data to help professionals in the real estate market make strategic decisions. Ghosh explains that tools exist that help both residential and commercial real estate players analyze critical trends. Many of these tools draw from public and private sources that aggregate and anonymize information, creating “big data” sets to help identify market trends in home-building or growth in commercial space demand, on an annualized basis. These very timely and accurate insights can provide real estate professionals with a competitive edge—understanding where income and job growth is happening now. This can lead to discovering what consumers are spending, what types of retailers would flourish in specific locations, and whether an area will experience sustained economic development. Read the full article...

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UNOde50 Gains the Freedom to Build Their Brand with ADP Marketplace B2B Connectors

When Matthew Korn, HR Director of UNOde50, entered the company, he found that their HR processes were disconnected and very heavy in paper. In an effort to modernize and create more efficient HR practices, he turned to technology from ADP. View the exciting experience from ADP client, Unode50, on discovering ADP Marketplace Partner, Modulus Data. The Modulus Data Connector supports the integration between Unode50’s WFN Platform and Taleo Business Edition for Applicant Tracking. This time-saving connection has eliminated manual entry and duplicative inputs – streamlining business processing from hours to minutes. By connecting their ADP system of record to Taleo through Modulus Data, UNOde50 is able to quickly get new associates into their system, trained them and get them interacting on the retail floor with clients much faster. One of the unforeseen benefits was quality of life. Matthew says “we are here to make a difference and spread our brand message. We can now do that with time, freedom and clarity to just be Unode50.” “It is seamless. It...

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