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Partnering with a more human resource

Chief Technology Officer

Keith Fulton, Chief Technology Officer, partners closely with business and R&D leaders across ADP to drive innovation, dramatically improve user experience and create an architecture and technology vision across all products that enables agility and drives business success against the competition.  The place this mission is most evident is heading up the new innovation lab in New York City, where his team has defined a new visual style for all ADP products and is building a new employee and manager experience for HCM.

Keith brings 24 years of experience in enterprise software development and architecture, with a solid record of success.  His career began at Accenture, where he worked on large-scale custom application development projects.  Keith moved on to run his own boutique consulting firm, specializing in Internet and eCommerce web companies.  These projects culminated in his nomination for Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year award in Houston, Texas.  Most recently, he was VP, Enterprise Solutions at MoneyGram International, where he was head of all software development.  During Keith’s tenure, MoneyGram outgrew its industry three-fold due to innovative and agile solutions in consumer web and mobile, global point of sale software, and treasury/settlement systems.


  1. Mr. Chief Technology Officer,
    I believe that your site to check on Ipay and my benefits, may be one of the worst site in the tec business.
    Year after year problems signing in over and over again.
    I feel I am A+ in internet and mobile technology, so I have to say it is no fun dealing with your site..
    Your site’s answer is for me to get with my HR dept, well on my evenings and weekend their not available. Even to contact ADP, I had to dig hard to find this place to post….
    So amazing !

    • Thanks for your candid note, Frank. I know dealing with certain tools can get frustrating.

      The good news I have for you is that we have made huge progress in making our products more user friendly in the past couple of years. Check out this ( for a quick overview of our new User Experience, or this client testimonial with a lot of screenshots ( It may not have been rolled out yet in your company, but nearly 5 million people per month are now using this site.

      Another area you mentioned was password recovery, because you don’t login very often. For areas like Benefits, lots of people have this problem because they don’t login to our systems very often, and forget their credentials. We are working on a totally revamped experience here as well, to make it much easier to recover yourself without opening up your account to compromise by outsiders. This new solution is in pilot right now, and should be in General Availability by March, after year end.

      As you and your company get access to these amazing new apps, I look forward to hearing from you again on what you think. 🙂

  2. Hi Mr. Fulton,

    If I bring my company to ADP, will I be able to access my payroll records going back years or do I have to archive them on my premises?

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