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Recipe for Success: Employers, Employees Collaborating on Retirement Planning

Recipe for Success: Employers, Employees Collaborating on Retirement Planning

By Joe DeSilva, Senior Vice President/General Manager, ADP Retirement Services With National Save for Retirement Week underway, it’s a good time for employers to consider the retirement benefits they offer their employees. Today’s workers are concerned about their retirement savings and the recession of 2008 has re-shaped their views. ADP recently published a whitepaper, “More Participants are Delaying Retirement,” that takes the pulse of employee retirement saving. With employers increasingly focused on providing financial wellness and literacy programs to their employees to encourage early savings, these findings can help employers better understand the concerns employees have as they look toward their financial future. The study sheds light on two key questions for employers to consider: Do employees feel like they are saving enough? Do they believe they’ll hit their investment goals? According to the study, American workers still believe that they are not saving enough for retirement even though the economy is improving.[1] What might have started as a reaction to the recession is now a reality that shapes...

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