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Why ADP IS Doing Behavioral Economics

Why ADP IS Doing Behavioral Economics

By Jerome Gouvernel, Vice President, ADP Think about the last performance and workplace review cycle you went through. If you’re in HR, you probably spent months preparing for it, developing targeted employee survey questions and strategizing ways to make sure that people actually responded to those questions. If you’re not in HR, you probably walked away from the annual performance review feeling like it made you less productive—you’re not alone, a CEB study found that 66 percent of employees feel the performance review process interferes with their productivity[1]. But regardless of the role you play in your organization, you probably felt you spent too much time asking questions like “where is that dropdown menu where I can input a goal?” and not enough time thinking “so how am I going to improve areas in which I’m struggling?” We don’t (always) need another app. We need more solutions. Most of us have seen it firsthand. Too often, we (or our organizations) buy or build HR technology without considering the real...

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