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Recognized Tech Leaders are Partnering with ADP® to Leverage the World’s Leading HCM Data Base

At ADP® our business is about enabling a more productive workforce – now and in the future – and core to that is technology. In order to be a leading HR solutions provider, we also had to be a leading enabler of the technology ecosystem surrounding us. A few years ago, we sought to become the platform for third-party developers who want in on the human capital management (HCM) market by launching our app store called ADP Marketplace.

The cloud-based platform was the first of its kind to create an environment where developers and clients can access HCM-related open application programming interfaces (APIs) to integrate various employer- and employee-based solutions. For our third-party partners, they can integrate into, and build onto, our systems, giving them access to our world leading HCM data base and the tremendous insights it provides on how the world of work is evolving and what companies need from a technology perspective to effectively meet those shifts.

Today, more than 250 partners have joined us on ADP Marketplace and recently we added several notable leaders in the technology industry to those ranks. This speaks to how our strategy for growing this HCM community is working. Together we are delivering groundbreaking new solutions for our mutual clients that are defining the future of HR technology.

Here are a few recent collaboration highlights.

  • Connecting financial and people data to drive better business outcomes with Microsoft Dynamics 365: ADP is working with Microsoft to bring together ADP Workforce Now®, a leading HCM platform, with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, an all-in-one business management solution for managing finances, operations, sales and customer service. Together, we are helping employers to navigate an increasingly complex business landscape. By connecting their multiple, disparate, cloud-based systems, they can leverage employee data and business performance tools to gain powerful insights and make informed business decisions.
  • Continuing our commitment to people-centered innovation by partnering with Slack: As the nature of work and how it gets done evolves, employees expect organizations to provide solutions that blend seamlessly with the ways they are working, so they can focus on what matters most at their jobs. Mutual customers of ADP and Slack can now access their HR and payroll information in a safe and private manner, all on the Slack platform. Clients can provide workers with access to important HR and payroll information—such as pay notifications and details, as well as time off balances and requests.
  • Employees get need-to-know HR info at their fingertips with ADP on Workplace by Facebook: For many employees today, technology in the workplace can become overwhelming. Flipping from screen to screen, browser to browser, or tool to tool is time-consuming and frustrating. ADP continues its commitment to find innovative ways to improve productivity by integrating our first-ever ADP Virtual Assistant with Facebook’s enterprise solution, Workplace by Facebook. Now, companies using both ADP for HR and payroll solutions and Workplace for employee collaboration can make accessing pay and time off information as easy as chatting with a friend.

The business and digital technology landscape is changing, upending industries and traditional ways of operating and requiring organizations to innovate with a faster pace of disruption than ever before. Together with our leading technology partners, we can ensure our clients stay ahead of these technology shifts by providing open, integrated and highly extensible solutions that can adapt to each company’s unique organizational needs no matter what size or industry.

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