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ADP Integration with Slack Puts HR and Payroll Information Right Where Employees are Working

The way work gets done has changed dramatically over the past few years and that change promises to accelerate even faster as we look ahead. This means companies’ abilities to meet the needs of employees is increasingly challenging. Organizations are faced with a diverse talent pool, which now spans five generations and is expanding across geographic borders. At the same time, the rapid pace of technology development is having spillover effects into the workforce. This is transforming how teams are structured and how work is getting done.

At ADP®, we believe it’s time technology enabled the changing ways we work rather than asking the workforce to adapt to technology. Technology should transcend barriers, not create new ones. One way we are accomplishing this is through reimagining how users experience our solutions. We are focusing on shifting technology to chat-based applications and platforms that employees are already on and find simple and natural to use.

A great example of this is the partnership we are announcing today with Slack to offer mutual customers a more seamless way to access their HR and payroll information, in a safe and private manner, where clients are already embracing efficiency through collaboration.

developments   slack portal image

With more than eight million users, Slack is the leading global collaboration hub with real-time messaging, tools and services that facilitate optimal workflows and searchable company archives. As the first global human capital management (HCM) provider to have a functioning integration with Slack, we are allowing workers to access important HR and payroll information simply by typing into the Slack platform. Pay amounts, pay notifications, payroll deduction details, time off balances and requests— are now right at their fingertips all on Slack.

At ADP, we’re focused on delivering well-designed technology that blends so seamlessly into the way teams work that employees don’t even notice they’re using it. Our integration with Slack does just that, freeing up employees so that they can focus on value-adding assignments that help them accomplish their best work.

Shared clients of ADP and Slack can learn more about how the integration can help organizations foster a more productive workforce, starting today through the ADP Marketplace and in the Slack App Directory.

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  1. Hi,

    Please if someone can help me regarding ADP mobile app.

    -Does it allow us to clock in/out?
    -What other features are available?

    Thank you,

  2. Hi, It’s best to work with your employer for access to the features.

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