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Fast-growing NYC Firm Looks to Chart its Future

New York City-based CANY is a tale of two companies. But when it comes to its family-oriented, close-knit workplace culture, it’s strictly single-minded.

Divided into separate entities – CANY Architecture +Engineering DPC and CANY Technical Services LLC – CANY provides a full suite of building enclosure services to a range of clients. The firm primarily focuses on historical restoration and maintaining the style of an existing building. In addition, CANY also oversees new construction, to help ensure building is up to code and safe.

Jennifer Pucci, Director of Human Resources at CANY, says the firm’s recent success spike has been a challenge, as CANY has swiftly moved from 20 employees to around 60 today – with plans to expand to 125-plus within the next 4-5 years.

CANY implemented ADP Workforce Now®, a cloudbased HR platform for payroll, time, benefits and more at the start of 2018.

After talking to her ADP sales representative, Pucci learned about an OrgChart Now promotion, available on ADP Marketplace, to provide her with the organizational view she wanted and accessed the solution on a 30-day free trial. From the start, she was impressed, especially with the way it seamlessly integrated with ADP Workforce Now. Following basic configuration instructions, Pucci was up and running within 15 minutes.

Read the full story to learn more about how CANY improved their processes with the help of ADP and OrgChart Now.

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