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A Stress-Free Solution to Employment Tax

As Payroll Lead for Vermeer Corporation, Debby Haning is responsible for payroll and tax administration for 2,500 manufacturing employees in three U.S. locations. The 70-year-old company also has locations in the Netherlands, Brazil and China. We recently spoke to Debby about the challenges she faced and how ADP helped with its ADP SmartCompliance® Employment Tax solution that is integrated with their Workday Human Capital Management system. Here’s what she had to say:

Easy Implementation

We chose ADP over other vendors we looked at for convenience. It seemed like the sales reps were very easily accessible. They had the products that we needed. We were able to get our information into the system easily and go “live” within six weeks, so it was a very smooth transfer and implementation.

Trust That Fosters Peace of Mind

I know that ADP is going to pay our applicable taxes. If I have any issues, my dedicated account rep is easily accessible. So far, and I’m going to knock on wood, we haven’t had any issues with agencies, but I know that if we do, ADP will help us out with that as well. I know they’re reliable. We deal with so many agencies in 20 different states. I feel confident because ADP is a larger company and they’re going to file our taxes.

Time Savings that Adds Up

Prior to ADP, we were probably spending five to 10 hours each week responding to audits and agency paperwork. In addition to that time, we also spent hours speaking to the many agencies we deal with. Then there were the hours spent pulling information for audits. I even drove an hour once to go see the IRS to talk to them. So all those hours added up too! With ADP, I have all that time back in my day to focus on other things, knowing I don’t have these worries any more.

A Single Point of Contact for Assistance

I have an amazing account rep and we have a check-in call every month. It was every week when we first started, just to make sure everything was going well. Then, we decided we really didn’t need that, so now we do a check-in monthly. If there’s a report that needs to be completed and he notices that we haven’t sent it, then he’s emailing me, ‘Debby, did you forget to do this?’ or, ‘You know, you need to do this.’ And he has a backup, so if he’s out of the office, he lets us know he’s going to be gone and who his backup is. It’s wonderful just knowing that somebody’s watching, just in case we do forget, and that someone is there to help us out.

Advice on Looking for an Employment Tax Solution

Number one, determine what your company needs. Then, analyze what each company is bringing to the table. Sometimes one of them looks really great, but then you start adding additional costs for what they call ‘extras.’ It’s hard to tell what the customer service is like, but even when the sales people came in, we could tell that ADP was interested in getting our business. The other ones we looked at just didn’t seem to have the service that we really needed or wanted.

About ADP SmartCompliance
ADP SmartCompliance is a cloud-based platform of outsourced services that integrates with many leading payroll, HR and financial systems to help you maintain HCM-related compliance, mitigate risk associated with noncompliance, improve efficiencies and drive operational growth. Its unified capabilities can help handle your health care, employment tax, tax credits, wage payments, employment verification, unemployment claims, W-2 management and wage garnishments needs. Your information is organized in one place to be concise and actionable.
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