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Taking the Mystery Out of Managing Talent

Being in a business where your customers are thrilled by trying to solve escape room mysteries can be a rewarding endeavor. When it comes to staffing, in this quick-paced dynamic environment you want few, if any, surprises. In just a little over three years, All in Adventures has grown from one location to 31 in 15 states, with plans to expand. The fast-growing company is projecting to more than double its number of locations in 2018. Competition is fierce and intensifying for this unique retail category, with the industry growing from just a hand full of escape room companies a few years ago to more than 1,800 in 2017.*

To ensure that the company executes daily games without any glitches, it is critical that each location is staffed not only with the appropriate talent and skills for each game version, but also that employees are on time and in place when they are scheduled to work. “Without that process operating at maximum efficiency, All in Adventures would lose an important competitive edge,” Patel explains.

To help meet that critical challenge, in March 2017 the company implemented ADP Workforce Now® as their payroll of record, along with MakeShift which is an integrated solution for workforce scheduling as well as time and attendance. Today, it can count on the right people being in the right places when customers arrive to experience their escape room fantasy.

Read the full story to learn more about how this integrated solution helped solved All in Adventures’ staffing challenges.


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