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ADP’s Sreeni Kutam Talks Talent Activation and StandOut on Nasdaq’s TradeTalks

Sreeni Kutam, interim chief human resources officer at ADP, recently appeared on Nasdaq’s TradeTalks to share his insights on talent activation and StandOut® powered by ADP. In a video interview with Nasdaq host Jill Malandrino, Kutam highlighted that top talent can bring a ten times difference to an organization’s performance.

Talent Activation

“If you have the right people, you don’t have to manage them,” said Kutam. “You just need to get the heck out of their way because they already know what to do. Talent activation is a unique way of leveraging each person’s strengths so an organization can achieve the optimal level of performance.”

According to Kutam, employee engagement is a two way street. While leaders play a role in engagement, the individual also has a responsibility to find purpose in how they contribute to the organization.

By using talent activation solutions like StandOut, both managers and associates learn their top strengths and how to leverage them to be more effective and feel more engaged.

View the full interview here!

(Pictured, above: Sreeni Kutam speaks with Nasdaq TradeTalks host Jill Malandrino at the Nasdaq MarketSite.)

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