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Celebrating Women in Sales that Inspire – Part Two

By Dave Greenberg, Senior DVP Sales at ADP

ADP is celebrating Women’s History Month by recognizing our 2018 “Inspiring Women in Sales.”

In Part Two of our series, we hear from two more female leaders who are members of the ADP worldwide sales team who share insights into their career paths and secrets to success.


Daina Bowler, Vice President, Human Resources Organization Sales

How long have you been at ADP and what has your career journey looked like?

I’m celebrating seven years in June. I began my career as a Resource District Manager in the Long Beach office. In my first year, I was named “Rookie of the Year”, Board of Directors (BOD) and broke the record for the most resource units sold and highest roll call. In my second year as a District Manager, I qualified for BOD again and broke my original records from the year before. I was then promoted to Sales Executive overseeing the Long Beach and Los Angeles offices. Two years after that I was promoted to Vice President of Southern California Human Resources Organization and I now oversee five offices in Southern California.

What do you think has made you an effective leader?

I like to focus on individual success at the District Manager level. If I can help each individual person reach their goals then my goals will be met as well. Focusing on the bigger picture, the larger quota or team as a whole can be daunting, however identifying what it is going to take to make each individual person successful is much more manageable.

What is one piece of advice your current self would tell your younger self?

Don’t view a stressful situation as a negative, view it as a personal challenge! Stepping up in a time of stress or crisis is courage, be courageous every day!

adp news   heather

Heather Sperduto, Vice President Sales Operations

How long have you been at ADP and what has your career journey looked like?

This year will mark my 20th Anniversary with ADP. I started out as an intern in the Princeton region and ultimately took on a “pilot” role working with the Accountant community. I have since steadily progressed in the organization holding a variety of roles, including corporate sales trainer, director and executive level positions in the field and in Sales Operations. This encompasses internal associate and leader engagement to drive results, as well as well as a high level of interaction with the accountant community.

What has been one career defining moment?

While in a field-based sales role, I was evaluating my career path and next steps. While being sought after for an external position, I was in awe at the amount of sponsorship and engagement I received from executive levels within the organization to call to my attention the value and impact I was contributing to ADP. The time and attention they invested in me was embraced and contributed to my desire for continued growth within the company.

What do you think has made you an effective leader?

I have a relentless passion for the development and success of all those that I reach on a daily basis. I strive to provide my undivided attention in all interactions. I lead by example and try to find the right balance of external engagement to ensure that we are hitting the mark with our messaging and delivery to the market.

What is one piece of advice your current self would tell your younger self?

Life may continue to change at a rapid pace in your professional and personal environments. Take the time to enjoy the moments and celebrate the milestones and your accomplishments.

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