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Matchbox Finds A Convenient and Flexible Way to Pay Their Gratuities with ALINE Card by ADP® and GratSync®

As Director of Human Resources for Matchbox Food Group, Tim Rogers, working with only one HR generalist, is responsible for HR and payroll for 1,500 restaurant employees in 11 locations, primarily in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. We recently spoke to Tim about the integration of the ALINE Card by ADP® with Instant TIPS by GratSync® a Gratuity Solutions® product, to pay employee tips in almost “real-time.” Tim sang the praises of this solution for Matchbox, for restaurant management and for tipped employees. Here’s what he had to say:

IMPLEMENTATION IS FLAWLESS, WITH FIRST-DAY SERVICE: Even though I had previous pay card experience and was well-versed using it, I still had a dedicated ADP implementation specialist and she was just amazing. I sent her the information needed to have the ALINE Cards prepared for each new location – employee name, address, ID, social security number and date of birth. She ordered the ALINE Welcome Kits containing personalized cards and they arrived within 10 days.

For each new location, we hire about 120 people over a two-week time period. Once they start working, they’re ready to go. Offering the ALINE Card is available as part of their onboarding, and when we actually begin service on the first day, everything works seamlessly. Instant TIPS is working and the ALINE Cards are loaded once they are activated by the employee. It works the same way with a new employee at an established location. I’ve gone through this same process many times, and I’ve never had an issue. It’s just flawless in my opinion.

ELIMINATED THE NEED FOR LARGE AMOUNTS OF CASH ON HAND: With the integrated ADP and Gratuity Solutions products, we have eliminated the need to have a large amount of cash on hand at each restaurant. Previously, we used an armored car service to deliver daily cash deposits to every location. Then when a shift ended, there were a lot of employees leaving at the same time who wanted to hand in their credit card receipts, get their cash and leave.

Gratuity Solutions provides a continuous “live” system. Once the day is over and closed, those tips are finalized based on actual hours worked by the support staff, service bar, food runners and bartenders, who receive tip outs in addition to the servers. If they have an activated ALINE Card, their share of the tips are loaded directly onto their cards at approximately 7:00 a.m. the following morning.

STRATEGIC MANAGER PRIORITIES: The best thing about this solution for managers? It frees them up to deal with service, with operations and with their guests. It can get them out of the business of playing bank teller, passing out cash when everyone’s leaving. I can’t emphasize that enough. That’s a huge savings of their time that I can’t even begin to quantify. We want our managers to ensure their restaurant operation is efficient. We want them to be interacting with their guests. We don’t need them to be worried about dealing with all that cash.

SIGNIFICANT COST SAVINGS: I think there’s definitely a cost savings that we realize from getting away from dealing with cash. I don’t know the actual cost but I do know that using an armored car service is pretty expensive. The Gratuity Solutions functionality is very inexpensive and the ALINE Card is cost-efficient. I don’t know the exact amount we’re saving, but I think it’s fairly significant all the way around.

Watch this video to see how Matchbox can pay employee tips in almost “real-time.”

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