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ADP Vantage HCM Helps PS Logistics Manage Rapid Growth

PS Logistics is a full-service transportation company, with over 2,000 flatbed assets. Vice President of Human Resources, Kimberley Daigle leads a three person HR team that is responsible for 3,000 employees. Through the years, PS Logistics has experienced rapid growth, both organically and through acquisitions. However, this growth came with several challenges.

Daigle says, “Before we implemented ADP Vantage HCM, we had 25 different systems that all housed HR information. Even the systems we had implemented into our business couldn’t cross-relate personnel files. As you’d imagine, this created significant difficulties for us to manage the workforce in a centralized fashion. When we decided to go with ADP Vantage HCM, we knew we wanted to clean all of that up. And we needed help to accomplish this. With ADP Vantage HCM and the best practices platform, we received guidance on how to create a main source for all of our data.”

She continues, “We previously had a broken system for recruitment and onboarding office personnel. That has been fixed with ADP Vantage HCM. We’re now much more on top of the situation and, for example, make sure that people are charged to the right companies. This has been huge for us.”

Read the full story to hear how PS Logistics leveraged ADP Vantage HCM®, along with its strategic alliance with The Hackett Group’s best practices tools, and helped turn their challenges into opportunities.

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