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The Future of Work Is Mobile. It’s Intelligent. It’s Flexible. And It’s Here!

The world at work is an ever-changing paradigm. Currently, the world is experiencing a perfect storm of modern technologies, diverse workforces, and shifting business conditions, at the center of which is the workplace. Work and personal lives are being integrated more than ever, which means employees expect the same types of user experiences and capabilities at work as they have on their personal devices and platforms.

The ubiquity of mobile devices, combined with the demands of dynamic workforces, also make it necessary for businesses to look for flexible and innovative ways to manage workers’ schedules, time and attendance. This month, we are thrilled to offer ADP® Workforce Manager, an AI-powered platform that delivers extensive functionality and insightful analytics through an intuitive mobile-first design, to help management make faster, better decisions about their workforce.

“ADP Workforce Manager will have Education Affiliates ready for what the future brings, because the look and feel is cutting edge, and we all know that millennials are the most connected generation ever, and that all people like to interact with and click on easy to read visuals when online,” comments Lydia Chodnicki, Director of Payroll, Education Affiliates. She adds, “this helps us keep up with where the trend is going all over the world.”

Some of the prominent features of this innovative solution include:

  • Mobility: The mobility of the platform allows managers to break free from the desktop and spend more time with employees, servicing customers and getting work done. A completely mobile solution means having the right information available when and where you need it, to provide a more human and personal management experience, while helping you keep the business on track and on budget.
  • Intelligence: Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) Workforce Manager can handle some important business tasks, including identifying what needs attention, researching options, making recommendations and taking actions on the manager’s behalf. Currently, the tool can be leveraged for managing time off requests, but in time will also automate shift swap approvals, and offer many ways for businesses to streamline, by turning more day-to-day management over to automation.
  • Flexibility: Today’s workforce is more complex than ever. With as many as five generations in the workforce, businesses need creative and flexible ways to attract, engage and retain a variety of workers. Systems need to be convenient and intuitive to be embraced, and managers need strike a balance between worker expectations for flexibility, yet predictability, in their schedules.

“We anticipate the best part of going live with ADP Workforce Manager will be the user feedback…I think they’re going to love it,” comments Chodnicki. “Managers are especially going to like the new look and being able to see everything right there. At the Executive level, I am incredibly excited for the reporting and analytics available with ADP Workforce Manager. There is a lot of flexibility with the report and chart creation.”

ADP Workforce Manager also offers comprehensive capabilities for managing employee schedules, hours, time off, accruals, attendance policies, and leave cases. As work becomes more and more integrated with employees’ personal lives, the feature of this platform with be paramount in shaping tomorrow’s workplace.

“We are incredibly excited to be on the leading edge and shaping the future of workforce management, with this modern cloud-based SaaS solution,” says Mitri Dahdaly, VP and Chief Product Owner for ADP.

To learn more, please click here

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