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A Partnership that Prospers: ADP Comprehensive Services and Whitmet

Whimet Inc., located in Warsaw Indiana, is a metal finishing and fabrication business dedicated to cost effectively serving the most challenging of our customers’ needs. Whimet began in 1970 by offering metal finishing services such as polishing, buffing, and deburring to their client base which includes manufacturers of furniture, appliances, telephone parts, boat parts, lawn mowers, and medical devices.

Whimet Inc. chose the time-proven functionality of ADP® Comprehensive Services to handle its payroll, benefits, and compliance requirements.

Lori Whitehead, Whitmet’s President says, “As a business owner, the partnership with ADP is just a huge relief. They know what they’re talking about. They make sure we’re compliant. I feel like we’re a big business because we have ADP and they’re representing us!”

Watch the video to hear more from Lori about Whitmet’s strong partnership with ADP.

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