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Remaking Performance Management to Develop Great Employees

Performance management does not happen once a year in an organization, but daily in the coaching relationship between managers and team members. By enacting practices and tools that support this, an organization drives success. During this webinar we’ll discuss recent research and market trends on what is really working in the new generation of performance management.

Attend this ADP® ReImagine Webinar on Wednesday, March 07, 2018 at 1pm EST to hear all that is happening in performance management including:

  • The new philosophy and cadence of performance management
  • How engagement and performance are now linked together
  • The need for a new generation of tools and infrastructure
  • Options for differentiating pay when you eliminate performance ratings

Increase your knowledge with insights from ADP’s experts in Talent Management: Susan Hanold, PhD – Vice President, Talent Strategy, Strategic Advisory Services and Judy Duff – Senior Director of Product Management, Talent Management Solutions.

Want to learn more about ADP Performance Management Solutions? Click here.


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