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How HR Can Better Use Technology to Drive Talent Strategies

Employee Benefits News recently published an intriguing article by Jordan Birnbaum, ADP Chief Behavioral Economist, titled “How HR Can Better Use Technology to Drive Talent Strategies.”

Birnbaum says that behavioral economics (BE) is about understanding the true nature of human behavior and decision-making. Human beings are not always driven by rational self-interest. In fact, much of human behavior and decision-making is actually irrational. But irrational does not mean unpredictable, allowing behavioral economists to anticipate human reactions in order to structure more productive interactions. When BE strategies are used at work, they can help leaders anticipate what truly matters in helping employees feel more engaged, thereby better serving the organization’s mission and the employee experience.

Read the full article to learn how BE is influencing the future of work and how HR leaders can utilize technology to help deploy BE strategies.

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  1. This is very interesting and can’t wait to learn more

  2. I think folks in the HR industry tend to shy away from new technology, so it’d be great to see more motivation to change for the better by using technology to our advantage.

  3. Interesting

  4. Interesting article

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