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Inside Business First Person Features ADP’s Dianne Greene

Inside Business recently published a piece highlighting the life of Dianne Greene, Division Vice President and General Manager at ADP. The article chronicles Greene’s start in the U.S. after immigrating in 1985 and continues through her education and career today.

Green talks about the lessons she has learned in leadership from her family. She says, “I grew up in a home with leaders. I saw my parents (her aunt and uncle) as leaders getting up and getting dressed every day. And when I went to work with them, whether after school or holidays and I had to be at work with them, they were in charge. They were the bosses. … They led their organizations and I learned a lot just from being under my uncle’s desk and running around his office and watching him conduct meetings, and being at the school with my mom – my ‘aunt mom’ – and seeing her really lead her schools to greatness.”

Read the full story on Greene here.

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