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It’s W-2 Season: Time to Watch Out for Fraud!

Did you know ADP processed nearly 61 million W-2 forms in the United States last year? Delivering accurate, timely W-2s is a core promise we make to clients. That’s why it’s critical to prevent W-2 fraud.

What Is W-2 Fraud?

The fraud occurs when personal information, such as Social Security number or birthdate, is stolen and used to file a fraudulent W-2. When victims try to file their taxes, they are denied and notified that their return has already been filed.

What You Can Do

Here are some things you can do to help prevent tax fraud according to Roland Cloutier, ADP’s Chief Security Officer:

  • First of all, thoroughly investigate all requests for W-2s or personal information.
  • Your best defense is to file your taxes early to prevent a fraudster from doing it before you.
  • Be aware of―and don’t fall for―scams like phone calls or phishing emails about your refund, a problem with your filing, or requests for more information. This IRS video does a good job of summing it up.
  • Be cautious if you’re using a third party, online program or tax software to file your taxes. Do your homework, choose a reputable company and be sure they use secure methods before you trust your information to them.
  • Check out the IRS’s advice on preventing identity theft and some of their current tax fraud alerts.

Additional Resources

Read Roland Cloutier’s full article here: Someone Filed Your Taxes for You. But That’s Not a Good Thing…

Visit the ADP Trust Center where you will find Security Updates and Client Resources to help keep you informed and protected.

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