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MoreDirect Transforms its HR Function with the Help of ADP Workforce Now®

MoreDirect, Inc. began in the early 1990s as a business-to-business hardware reseller. Today, the Florida-based company provides a broad range of IT hardware, software, and services to private-sector companies with 2,000 or more employees throughout the United States.

As the company grew, so did its need to support a larger—and geographically diverse—workforce. The current footprint of MoreDirect’s employee base covers 30 states, and the vast majority of its 350 employees work out of their homes.

Prior to Grisell Martinez, Senior Human Resources and Payroll Manager, joining MoreDirect in 2004, the company used QuickBooks to do payroll and HR was the traditional paper mill of forms governed by manual processes and procedures. “We used to be a very transactional, paperwork-driven department,” she recalls.

MoreDirect, Inc. solved this problem by choosing ADP Workforce Now® and its single-sign-on integrated platform solution for HR, payroll, performance and compensation management, recruiting management, and analytics.

The HR department can now focus on its key initiative—recruiting new employees. Martinez says, “We’re definitely spending more of our time, most of the time, recruiting now. I even have my payroll person now doing recruiting. She’s doing payroll maybe twenty percent of the time and the other eighty percent is spent in hiring new sales people.”

Read the full story on how MoreDirect, Inc. transformed its HR department to become more efficient—and more human—with the help of ADP Workforce Now.

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