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AACOG Moves their Organization Forward with Help from ADP Workforce Now®

Alamo Area Council of Governments (AACOG), established in 1967, is a voluntary association of local governments and organizations that serves its members through planning, information and coordination activities.

John Clamp, chief financial officer for AACOG, was brought into the organization in 2015 to help bring AACOG to the next level. When he joined, AACOG utilized a number of legacy systems that didn’t speak to one another and employed disjointed processes that needed to be addressed to help the organization with many of its stringent reporting requirements.

From a strategic standpoint, it was imperative that AACOG unify its systems under one integrated platform for reporting purposes.

AACOG decided to bring in ADP Workforce Now® as the core system, integrating payroll, benefits, time and attendance and HR on a single platform.

“We’ve taken our closing process from 12 days to six days, which gives us time back to analyze what we’re doing and provide more quantitative, actionable information to our board of directors,” Clamp said. “That’s how you move an organization forward. You can’t do it without the underlying infrastructure of integrated data that you can turn into information you can use to make decisions.”

Read the full story to see how AACOG overcame their challengese with a single platform solution from ADP.

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