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UNOde50 Gains the Freedom to Build Their Brand with ADP Marketplace B2B Connectors

When Matthew Korn, HR Director of UNOde50, entered the company, he found that their HR processes were disconnected and very heavy in paper. In an effort to modernize and create more efficient HR practices, he turned to technology from ADP.

View the exciting experience from ADP client, Unode50, on discovering ADP Marketplace Partner, Modulus Data. The Modulus Data Connector supports the integration between Unode50’s WFN Platform and Taleo Business Edition for Applicant Tracking. This time-saving connection has eliminated manual entry and duplicative inputs – streamlining business processing from hours to minutes.

By connecting their ADP system of record to Taleo through Modulus Data, UNOde50 is able to quickly get new associates into their system, trained them and get them interacting on the retail floor with clients much faster. One of the unforeseen benefits was quality of life. Matthew says “we are here to make a difference and spread our brand message. We can now do that with time, freedom and clarity to just be Unode50.”

“It is seamless. It is integrated. It is real.” – Matthew Korn, UNOde50

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