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Washington Federal Taps ADP to Help with Transforming their HR Processes

Washington Federal, founded in 1917, offers its clients ‘one-on-one, professional, and friendly’ banking services. Based in Seattle, Washington, they currently employ 2,000 staff members across eight western states.

Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Lisa King, has been in banking for almost thirty years and with Washington Federal for nine of them. Within the first few years, King saw the company grow significantly through acquisitions; but with more staff on board, HR faced new challenges.

With employees in multiple locations, her team also had to manage the laws and compliance regulations that varied from state to state. In order for her team to have the time needed to successfully expand the company, King needed the help of a comprehensive human resource provider: Washington Federal chose ADP Workforce Now®.

Says King, “Now that we have the time back from answering phone calls, we can turn to other strategic initiatives, such as reporting – which is now automatic. We have a very accurate and up-to-date database.” Her team is finally able to focus their energy on the bigger picture: growth, recruitment and retention. “ADP makes my HR team happy, and happy is productive.”

Read the full story here.

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